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Running on Italics: The Valley [Corp]

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/running-on-italics-the-valley-corp/

Ess and Cee vs The Valley, round two. This time it’s corporate.


The building in Valley Grid is clearly stuffed with psychic anti-hackers, who whack your brain each time you break an ICE.

I think the building on VG is just an apartment high rise, or rich person’s home. Maybe the summer home of chairman hiro? Flavor-wise, this doesn’t help anything, other than to show its a nice coastal area in the Valley…where they can afford ‘interesting’ security measures?

Guys, I really, really, love your article. A+ for me. Please keep it going for at least the full cycle. Please.


I’ll just repost what I put on reddit.

I think the flavour of Valley Grid is like this: sometimes your grip represents the availability of your resources and contacts (Professional Contacts, click to draw and take a credit. You’re spending time to meet people, the cards that you draw reflect the type of people you’re meeting). As you are breaking more and more Ice in Jinteki’s servers, they’re able to narrow down on your available resources and make them ‘unavailable’. This is because they own nearly all of the businesses in Valley Grid, so the longer you spend in their server breaking their ice, the more they are able to screw your upcoming resources, and ‘entice’ people from not helping you out.

I like your interpretation. I always pictured grip as the runners conscious memory.

Many thanks for the kind feedback! We’re quite humbled by all the positive responses to both articles thus far :smile: .

Our intent is certainly to go for the whole cycle - we’ve already had one request to revisit older releases as well, which is an idea we’re toying with.

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I like this the most so far out of the suggested explanations, at least for the mechanism, though I’d still love to know what’s going on art wise though :confused:

By the By,

Thiago Reyes is like this awesome prodigy child whose probably way better than you at Netrunner, but he gave the game up in favor of another. That’s actually one of his quotes to the design team. At the draft at worlds you may recall FFG staff wanting to trade for a copy of “The Negotiator” and that’s cuz Thiago was in the room and they wanted him to have a copy.


Such a great article. Thanks, guys!

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Regarding bioroid ICE, here’s how I always imagined the way this mechanic works:

Bioroids are sentient, or semi-sentient. Some of them are androids and some of them are programs living on the Internet, and the latter type are ICE. These are the facts we all know. So the Runner encounters bioroid ICE and spends time talking to it. This way they are able to get through completely or at least avoid some serious consequences.
All nighter, amped up fit because they let you run longer without sleeping, do you have more time to talk to bioroids. I have no idea how to fit Joshua B. And Rachel Beckman into this theory. I guess they save you time elsewhere so you can focus on stuff that has to be done by you.

Are the bioroids not physical beings in full stim? How can a program living on the internet be a bioroid?

I thought a bioroid was strictly a program, which could, but not necessarily have its consciousness implanted into the net where it could provide security oversight, as well as a robot body (android)

But if that’s the case what’s ‘bio’ about it

Yes, that’s pretty much how it works.

@vinegarymink bioroids are made by scanning a person’s brain and uploading it to a machine. It doesn’t really matter if the code is ran inside a robot or on a server.

Aedrill beat me to it, brain scans, or before he confirmed it, I was going to say it emulates biological life, maybe the term is semi-tongue in cheek, or an advertising moniker by Haas bioroid as promotional material about how close they are to real life.

For a picture based story of this process, project wotan -> Wotan the ice.

Sure, but even with this, how do you make sense of the mechanism for Brain Taping Warehouse? Why would the Runner’s unspent time make it cheaper to rez?

Runner is less fatigued, has more brain power left.

Sure, but how does that make the ice cheaper for the Corp? And what does that have anything to do with a Warehouse meant to writing brains onto bioroids?

The mechanic doesn’t track perfectly, but I like the general feeling of the corp taking advantage of runners who spend time with the Bioroids to tape their brains and use the data for more and cheaper 'roids.

I think this was just a case of perfect flavor-mechanic matchup being an unplayable/uninteresting card