Running on italics?

Does anyone know if Running on Italics will be back ever? I loved reading that series.


Yeah. Heck if they don’t do it I wanna make my own but if they’re coming back I don’t wanna crimp their style.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to make my own as well.

Doesn’t seem to be any harm in other people doing it as well. This thread could be dedicated to flavor discussion if we want to preserve the front page article space for the Running on Italics series.

Alright, sounds good!

So what the f*** is going on in Ramajun Reliant 550 BMI?

If they don’t write another article by the end of March, we could all chip in and write them ourselves.

Seems to me the generous runner has handed out multiple sets of a popular brain machine interface to his neighbor’s kids routed through his own net connection. Of course, the load balancer he uses distributes any feedback to the clients equally, so if he gets hit with something nasty all the kiddos get a taste too. Great safety net, but none of his friends or neighbors will return his calls any more…


One of the podcasts (I think it was Terminal 7) had their creative coordinator on, and she gave out some trivia about the art on this card - the kids are apparently genetically modified/designed to have gendered color-coded eyes; blue and pink for the son and daughter, respectively.