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Salsette/CtM Discussion Thread


What changed?


Damon clearly stated that Slum / CtM works that way.


I don’t understand. That was the situation we were already in. I was asking what is different now that the TO has decided to use the Damon explanation instead of the German TO ruling?


From what I understand of the situation (regarding French National), I could be wrong though :
They still don’t think it is a logical consequence of the general rules of the game but they agree that it’s best to follow the explicit ruling of the lead designer.

I guess in the same way we followed Lukas ruling about NAPD (at first we had to reveal that we accessed it in R&D, then later the ruling was reverted).




glad you’re noone important, like trump or whatever.


Alright so this is trailing off of the topic of the CtM discussion and onto nationals again. I apologize for my part in the derailment, but there is a thread dedicated to nationals if people want to keep beating this horse.

At this point, I think the last thing left for this thread is the update for when this enters the FAQ (honestly, after this whole mess, I feel like it has to be put in there, even if already sensibly derivable), and it should be closed.

EDIT: officially ruled.