SC Deck Choice

Alright, the time has come…

Store Championships are this weekend and I’ve been trying to get as many games in as I can to try and prepare. I’m at the point where I feel good about the Corp deck (I feel I have a better than 50/50 shot with it) but on the Runner side…

I have about four decks I’m considering, so I thought I’d get some input from some Fine Stamherkers.

In this corner: Ganger Leela, Stealth Edition. The deck performs decently, but is poor against Glacier (Foodcoats specifically) and I feel that will be represented this weekend. It is also the most variance-heavy; it punishes Corps that stumble, but stumbles itself rather often in turn. Presenting: Deckbuilder · NetrunnerDB

Next on the chopping block: Dumblefork. This deck is reputedly very strong. I have not played it, but I feel I can get enough reps in if I start now. I think the meta will be tuned to face it, however, so I’m unsure that I want to pick it up. Presenting: The 2-Armed Ice Feast (1st Place Undefeated Mead Hall Store · NetrunnerDB (Also: I’ve been trying a Wyldcakes MaxX build that is a similar sort of gameplan. It’s almost exactly this list: Maximum Punk Bach (1st Place, Undefeated, Phoenix Comics TT) · NetrunnerDB )

And on the Red side: DLR Val. Seriously, I think this deck is probably well-positioned, being as how no one is tech’ing against it right now. I’ve also done enough reps with the deck that I can definitely ease into it. Presenting: Dan’s Worlds List. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Finally, I can try an old standby: Noise. Comfortable. I’ve been playing NoiseShop in one form or another since Core. My answer to MWL was to -2 Clone Chip +2 Clot. It’s been working well enough when I tested it briefly right after MWL hit to make sure that the list was still functional. I might pull in some Injects or do other tweaks, but for your perusal: Deckbuilder · NetrunnerDB

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Ganger Leela.

Rough edges, will work it out.


Dumblefork: Learn to play, noob!


WyldCakes MaxX: Because Dredge decks are fun and fair!


DLR Val:

Good at Worlds, good now.


Yeah, everybody is teching against Dumblefork, but has anybody managed to find any anti-Dumble tech that actually works yet?


Noise: Do you remember when Noise was the best runner? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


I tend to agree. My only hurdle is that I would have to pick up and play the deck from scratch, just about. Still, it’s possible that the deck is powerful enough that it doesn’t matter so much.

(And I mean, my weakness is that I don’t play the Best Deck and like to fool around too much.)

Dumblefork has evolved into an extremely effective deck that was built with broad consideration to the common counters to Faust and Anarchs in general. As such, it has it’s own countermeasures to the traditional weaknesses of Anarchs and Faust that corps have tried to exploit.

One thing that hasn’t been tried much is traps. I have great success with PE against Dumblefork, particularly when landing Brain damage early. Most games end in flatline.


Dumblefork is the best deck even if people are packing hate. I won my first SC with it.

If your meta isn’t teched against DLR, though, you can smash it by showing up with Minh MaxX. That deck is still vicious. After winning one SC, I took it to FFG’s SC and got 2nd.


Play Dumblefork if you expect a lot of NBN. Play Mean MaxX if not.

But mostly, play Dumblefork in either case.

Play Noise. It is the least matchup dependent, even with The Lord Our Howard running around.

If you’re comfortable with Noise, go with that. I was advertising that I was bringing Noise to my SC and still managed to win all my games with him. Despite someone deciding to splash TWO Cerebral Statics into their FoodCoats (but then, I also only lost one game with Cybernetics Division in that same tournament, so you can evaluate my meta as you wish).

But Dumblefork is good too. If you get some practice in, it’s not too different from playing normal Anarch. Besides, it’s usually just “blow up their remote ICE” against Glacier, and Medium dig if FA. I imagine its match against Mushin PE is the same as any other deck, but Cambridge PE might give you problems? I don’t have enough experience against those for any actual useful analysis there.

yeah dumblefork is good. I know I didn’t for my sc and stuck to my stealth andy deck since I knew how to pilot it, but if you think you can get the reps in, dumblefork is the way to go. Otherwise there are some really strong noise decks out there right now,

Reading the other posts, pretty much everyone is saying dumblefork, as long as you can get some decent reps in. I know I played the deck a few times, and lost some games, so I feel like you still need to have a good feel for it (I never play anarch so the anarch rhythm isn’t one I’m used to).

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IMO dumbleforks pretty easy to pick up, and very strong. As others were saying, it seems to do quite well even when playing against people teching against it.

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Took Dumblefork out for a spin; trounced an NEH and a Palana. Like, the NEH was effortless. He also made a mistake and rezzed an Archangel while I had out only Liberated Accounts at 4 credits and D4V1D at 1 counter. … I let it fire. xD

Palana took effort, but a 8-counter Medium got it for me. First Faust got eaten when I hit a Komainu, which popped an IHW, and then gave me a Faust which got eaten by one of the remaining subs… Second Faust was in last 3 cards, never drew it. Ate all the ICE, breaking is for chumps.

Yeah I think I’m going to try and get reps in with this.

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As the creator of that fine WyldMaxX deck you listed, I can confirm that deck is very good but probly not better than Dumblefork in a anti-Faust meta.

My motto for this SC season has been “if you want to win, play DLR.” And I did both those things.

If you suspect SYNC at all, don’t bring this. SYNC (unexpectedly) can’t trash all your DLR pieces, but they do have Psychographics in thier deck, which will wreck you.

So play MaxX DLR, it’s not an autopilot deck, but with a little practice, it can be the best runner deck out there.

Dumblefork or Noise.

Any advice for runner deck when expecting a lot of Palana?

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One thing to consider is how much if any 7-pt CI and ill be at the SC. If more than a few then probably swings heavy to noise.