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Schaumburg, Illinois - Weekly Netrunner Tournament #13

Hey everybody, We just finished our 13th netrunner swiss mini this week with both the new tournament rules and creation and control.

The turnout has been low since the regional season ended so we only had 6 players, enough for 3 swiss rounds, I post a lot of statistics after our wednesday night games every week, and there were some interesting trends with the new cards.

Full details on my BGG Thread:

This week the top finishers were both playing account siphon decks (Andy and CT); however, neither of their corp decks employed san-san (or any fast advance) – To be honest, I think that just 2 people out of 6 used any fast advance tricks at all: One of the next design decks had biotics, and the custom biotics player also had some fast advance.

Every runner deck employed multiple cards to assist with wins out of R&D accesses - I never really thought about it, but at this point in the game, R&D access cards are as ubiquitous as economy cards - you just need them to win.

The dominant corp strategy was Big Ice, followed closely by scorched earth.

I personally played my big ice for free deck that I posted in the C&C decklists thread, and did well losing 1 game as corp and 1 game as runner. Out of 3 games that I played, I think that I would have performed worse if I had been fast advance in just 1 of my games. Also worth noting, that the only time I had ice de-rezzed was after a runner broke something that I rezzed with BE.


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