Scherazade in noiseshop/rahrah?

i haven;t been able to get 2nd thoughts yet but unlimited memory seems like it should be abusable in some horrible manner.

with scherazde in play both workshop noise with stimhack and sahasrara noise can convert the their respective engines into real money. milling the corp for free was good but getting paid to mill the corp has to be better right ?

there is a very horrible hard counter to scherazde in the pipeline unfortunately though …power shutdown @ zero.

anyone been able to test it much yet?

Scherazade doesn’t contribute to your memory, do the only benefit is accruing 1c per install at the risk of getting all your shit trashed.

If you are playing a sufficient number of ‘1-use’ programs that get installed and used, then its worth it. I think its place is most secure in a Caissa recursion deck, because they go onto Sheharazade and then go off of it, so they arent at risk, but give money. But maybe you could make a deck with enough things like Imp, Crescentus, Faerie, etc, to use it.

Sadly, it seems even this won’t work, assuming speculation in the following thread is accurate:

They’ll errata things. They designed a card to work with the Caissa programs, but it doesn’t work because they worded them wrong. They’ll change the wording.


ah so kate with crescentus and false echo and noise with imp and perhaps gorman drip.

you could also use workshop and turn stimhack/bad pub dollars into real dollars and in a pinch pawn it for 3 bucks.

i think the best deck for it noiseshop but i dont think thats a good choice now especially when people will be testing elizabeth mills.and have jackson already.

the professor also probably plays at least one or two copies for his all the programs in netrunner deck.

Regardless of errata, it will still work with Exile’s Pawn + Deep Red combo… right?

Scheherazade works fine in current versions of noise that still install and sell off viruses with regularity. I’m playing an updated list that runs a one-of and it’s a workhorse in combination with sahasrara and aesop’s. I don’t know if I’d run more than 1 because it’s unique. It may end up better in the caissa deck.

I feel like any deck with Pawnshop that can manage to use it a few times with 1-shot programs and then pawn it, receives decent value.

Its a sort of program economy. A different type of program based economy than Opus. Perhaps you play a deck where you piece together economy from different sources: Pawnshop, this, and burst like Sure Gamble. It might be good, and yet less vulnerable to tagging than a Pro Contacts/Kati economy, and less vulnerable to program destruction than an Opus economy. (You only put non-important things on the Scherazade).

Worth testing.

The biggest issue I see when the next data pack comes out is Power Shutdown destroying all your toy programs at once for $1 if they’re all chillin on Sherazade and there aren’t any other 0 cost things

That is a potential issue, but if you’re running @Alexfrog 's alternate program economy you probably have a fair few 0-costers kicking about (pawn, gorman drip, etc.) so that downside might be mitigated. I wouldn’t, say, host my only Corroder on it or anything :).

Sahasrara and Pawnshop in Shaper:

Play Paricia, get $1. Pawn it, get $3. Thats a sure gamble. Maybe you keep it around if they are playing assets. One use of it makes it amazing here.

Play Inti, get $1. Pawn it, get $3. Maybe it broke an ice wall.

Get hit with Power Grid Overload? Lose my Paricia.

I actually run a very similar deck using Sahasrara and Pawnshop to power my endgame economy in my Professor deck. Through a combination of Professional Contacts (for draw), Sahasrara (for cheating programs into play) and Daily Casts I am usually able to reliably gain around 3/5 clickless credits a turn, maintaining the tempo with a small one click investment a turn (to install a cheap program or a daily casts).

Scherazade would work well in a build that installs a cheap program to later be trashed. Typically my Professor deck tries to install a program for free every turn simply to benefit from the Rara recurring credits. Gaining an extra credit on a program you were expecting to sell anyway later could be really useful with very minimal risk.

I think a Noise recursion deck running rarah would get a lot out of Scherazade, but only install programs on Schery that you absolutely would not mind losing.

Yeah, I’ve been running Scheherazade in my Professor deck that looks to have an identical economy as yours. It’s obviously great if you draw it early, but there’s nothing wrong with a 0 cost 0 MU program you can pawn either. It, along with Sahasrara, just makes Self Modifying Code so much more efficient.

The card templating in this cycle has been disappointing in a number of regards and really makes me question exactly what FFG are up to in their play-testing and final sign-off stages of development.

First we had the errata on Pawn before it was even released; more recently we’ve seen a typo on Wall of Paper in Mala Tempora. We’ve also heard from Damon on the Plugged In Tour that he genuinely didn’t know how much influence the GRNDL ID has, as his version was different to the one that was spoiled.

I think the Caissa programs probably should be errataed to make them compatible with Daemon programs, but it strikes me as pretty careless and lazy card design to let this kind of thing slip under the radar.

I can understand weird combos and interactions being missed, especially with cards that aren’t intended to go together and increasingly as the card pool grows, but if Scheherazade is designed with Caissa in mind that would be one of the first interactions I would be looking at. There’s simply no excuse for typos on cards and version control is pretty much rule #1 in any kind of development activity. It’s a little bit cowboy.

All that being said, it’s shaping up to be an excellent cycle and I can feel things swinging back towards the corp now.