Scoops and Ruses: 4 Days in Netrunner – A Worlds 2016 Report by Aaron Andries (@aandries)

Originally published at: Scoops and Ruses: 4 Days in Netrunner – A Worlds 2016 Report by Aaron Andries (@aandries) - StimHack

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Great article. That comment about someone re-birthing into Fisk on the last turn of the game to deck the corp, amazing.

He mentioned something about Kate rotating. Has this been confirmed at all? Sorry to jump on rumours.

Also a great report and a really strong performance.

It was a great time playing you in round 6, even though you knocked me out of day 2. I swear, I never see Vamp in games other than tournaments. I really gotta start anticipating it =P Either way, thanks for the games, and thanks for the beer at King of Servers!

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One of the best articles ever. Thanks for it


That was a great dinner! Bummer that we didn’t really get to talk (or meet :confused: ). I think the moral of the story is that this community is amazing and while playing the game is fun, it’s the people and social interactions that make it what it really is. My experiences were slightly different than yours, but the end result is the same. Great write up!


Do we have more spoilers from worlds? Or are those from netrunner dorks the only ones?

Great write up!

Saiya should have got chance to play his Shaper in the top 16 and then you’d have seen some more green loving I’m sure.

Always good to hear about people’s (mis)adventures. :slight_smile:


As you round 9 opponent at gencon, I can tell youfor certain that you went 7-2 with Kate on the day. You blew the doors off my CtM deck while I kept waiting/hoping for you to take a tempo hit installing a Security Nexus that never came.

My only regret from gencon was not having some silly/janky backup deck to play at the end there

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Great article, and doubly valuable for all of us virtual rail-birds!

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Nicely done to make the cut. Always good to face you, too - losing on 6 points was frustrating, but pulling off the triple purge combo starting from 7 cards in R&D was one of my favourite ANR moments.

I guarantee you #durdlenation will take you up on that dinner offer at the next opportunity.

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