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Scrubbed installed after you've encountered an Ice

If you install Scrubbed after you’ve already encountered an Ice, does the next Ice you encounter get -2 strength, does the first Ice retroactively get -2 strength, or is its effect null until the next turn?

Scrubbed’ text reads: “The first piece of ice encountered each turn has -2 strength for the remainder of the run.”

Situation: you want to kill the outer most piece of ice on a server but you need both a Datasucker token and Scrubbed’s effect. You need to run through an ice to get your Datasucker token.

I’m pretty sure it would be the first ICE after you play the card. It shouldn’t have a memory of what you had done already that turn.

Of course I’ll be wrong in 3,2,1…

I can’t find a citation for this offhand but:

Its effect is null until next turn. It’s not that the card itself remembers, but the game state tracks what has happened each turn. See John Masanori and Order of Sol, both of which have the same kind of condition.


Ty. The Masanori and SOL rulings make it clear.

Likewise with Security Testing.