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Season 3 Kit announcement... (Edit: its real!)

Just a guess on my part. I don’t see any announcement on the FFG site, and the card artwork looks straight out of old school Netrunner.

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The Project Vitruvius artwork on the playmat is suspect since they usually do art from current or future cards (and the art was already featured for the first game night kit), but I found this testimonial somewhat persuasive. I anticipate that this preview image won’t reflect the actual contents of the kit, and that we’ll receive a different playmat.

But I don’t know. The style of the image seems just as poor as that of prior announcements, so at least there is that consistency (though it looks like the quality of the images is slowly going down hill). My guess is that the announcement is legitimate.

About the art: Datasuckers look alright, so I’d personally try to get some of those, but yeah, the Adonis Campaign looks like from ONR, and I’d prefer playing with the normal version.

I’m not crazy about most of the alternate alt so far, but I’ve liked enough of it nevertheless. Some of it seems cool and worth getting, though I have no desire whatsoever to get the Adonis, or the Kate, or the Gabe. The only one that I’ve immediately jumped at is Melange Mining Corp, and I’ve enjoyed that one so much. After Melange I think Datasucker, Crypsis, Scorched Earth, and Private Security Force are cool, though didn’t get me nearly as excited MMC.

I kinda like the suctiony little virus creature on the original Datasucker art, and I sorta wish the new alt art featured that little virus creature instead of this whirlpool thing. But whatevs. Probably will grow on me.

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The new Datasucker looks like someone’s making a radioactive pancake =0/ I’m gonna cross my fingers and bet that this isn’t real…

Edit: and the Adonis looks like a 5-year-old’s attempt at a homoerotic business card. It’s just too bad to be true, I think.

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I haven’t even seen a season 2 game night kit yet :frowning: thankfully the promos were cheap on ebay.

If there are pictures, its almost certainly real.

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Stilllll have my fingers crossed.

it’s real. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4341


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