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Second Annual ChiLo City Grudge Match

We are pleased to announce the second annual ChiLo City Grudge Match Netrunner Tournament, taking place at BluegrassMagic Game Shop, 5629 Outer Loop, Louisville, Kentucky, on January 24, 2015!

$10 per player. To accomodate players traveling the day of the tournament, Registration will begin at 10 a.m. and the Tournament will begin at 11 a.m.

We had a fantastically fun and successful tournament last year so, after extensive discussions with many of the Netrunner players in our region, we are instituting a few changes we feel will improve the overall experience for everyone.

For purposes of this tournament, Astroscript Pilot Program is errata’ed to read “Limit one per deck.”

The double elimination format for the elimination rounds will not be used. Instead, a best-of-3 match will be played during elimination rounds, with the higher seeded player choosing their side for the third game if it is necessary.

We are also excited about a number of other improvements we have been working on to streamline the overall tournament such as adaptations that make tie-breakers more fair. These details–as well as information on prize support–will be posted here as they are confirmed.

Please check “Join” on this event if you plan to attend so that our FLGS can plan. Questions and complaints can be directed to: chicagolandnetrunner@gmail.com

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Wow! Bring your switchblades people. Jinteki meta.


Bring your Blue Suns. Jinteki meta.


Tangentially, I think I’d errata APP to state that the counter can be used on anything except another copy of APP, rather than limiting it to one per deck.

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An elegant solution, and one I hadn’t considered, to be honest. We did discuss many different options with dozens of players, but settled on this restriction because there was already in-game precedent. I think the conclusive argument was that if APP were printed today, it would have a similar restriction to Philotic.

I think the main reason Philotic has that restriction is to prevent Jinteki having 7 3/2s and 1 2/2 in their decks. APP is too strong but NBN with 4 3/2s is pretty unappealing. Interesting choice though. I bet you have a lot of runner wins over the course of the day.

Maybe good old fashioned HB FA will be unstoppable if your runners all tech to beat Glacier.