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Selling collection

Well unfortunately there is just no one around here to play the game live with, so I am moving my collection. Was going to go straight to ebay, but figure if someone here knows someone trying to get into the game this is a great collection to get.

I have 2 X core sets and 1 of every data pack and large box expansion. This includes up to Breaker Bay. Only includes a couple promos (3X plascrete, 3X adonis). Includes all tokens and all of the boxes/inserts.

My collection has been kept in 2 separate binders, one corp and one runner - all sorted by faction/corp.

Not even sure this is allowed on this site, but this has been my favorite site for netrunner info so figure I would post it here.

Message me for offers.

You probably want to indicate where you are located in the world.

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I am in the US and would prefer to ship in the US, but could do outside of the US.

To buy all of this shipped on coolstuffinc it would cost $316.25. I am looking for $285 shipped in the US. This includes the binders w/all the pages, the promos, and will also include enough Hypermat sleeves for 2