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Shipment from ChiLo - Podcast


This episode was really cool!

I don’t know how much my say so here does, but if you are newish to Netrunner and interested in going to a store champ, this episode provides and excellent combination of solid advice on deck selection as well as general encouragement.


Definitely agree. It’s always good to hear perspective from new players. The enthusiasm in this episode is seriously contagious.


So, I’m terrible at putting these out regularly. In my defense, I’ve been without power for two days.

Also here’s DAINE!


Catch the WAVE of excitement! Veteran runner ANDREW recaps a very competitive STORE CHAMPIONSHIP with me!


If you’re new to the game, this episode is a GREAT collection of tips from players that want YOU to succeed!


Also, be sure to check out the updated Buying Guide!


Greg’s back. Back again. Talkin’ champs. Tell a friend.




If you’ve ever been intimidated by MaxX or confused by Clot, we got a hot dish of PRO TIPS for you!


I really enjoyed the explanation of MaxX and what to think about when playing this ID. Any chance this style can be repeated for other runners/corps? I remember reading (maybe on this forum?) questions about why Geist is considered to be a Shaper in disguise, maybe that would make a good choice for next time an ID is evaluated?


@zegrid That’s a great idea for another topic! I felt this discussion went really well, and given the feedback I’ve gotten on it, we should do it again! :smiley:


After pulling myself out of a pit of despair, I finally got around to editing the episode recorded 2 days before the End Times announcement!


I really liked listening to this episode. I’m glad you put it out.

It was a different and cool experience listening to these predictions after some of the things they are predicting have already come to pass. It’s a neat time capsule, and also an interesting way to reflect on the cards we did get.

Also, Kevin was a great guest!