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Shipment from ChiLo - Podcast


Hey all! My friend Graham Carlson created a podcast but doesn’t have a Stimhack forums account currently. I think he has put out some really neat content, so I wanted to help spread the news for him.

This is his description of Shipment from ChiLo: “An entertaining Android: Netrunner podcast all about community-building and deckbuilding, both beginner-friendly and interesting to veterans. We’re here to grow the game and have a blast doing it.”

His goal is to create content that’s entertaining but informative, geared especially towards newer and developing players but with discussion related to competitive play as well, and he emphasizes discussion about how to help grow your local ANR community. Graham plays in the Chicago meta, out of Fair Game in Downer’s Grove.

RSS: http://shipmentfromchilo.podomatic.com/rss2.xml
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shipment-from-chilo/id1242178402?mt=2

In his most recent episode, Graham hosts an interview with former Netrunner lead designer Damon Stone to discuss the revised Core 2.0 and decisions that went into these changes. Link here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/shipmentfromchilo/episodes/2017-09-19T13_44_36-07_00



I’ve really been digging this podcast. @PureFlight and his merry band of pals have a really positive outlook on the game and how it can be enjoyable to all sorts of players. I think that is a super important voice to have heard when big changes are afoot.

9/10 needs more taylor swift jokes


Good grief, didn’t realize that slacker did already have a Stimhack account, he just hasn’t been on here to make his own thread!


Your unsavory insults are only redeemed because you started this thread for me. Do not cross me again.

But yeah, thanks bunches.



I’ve also really been enjoying this, their enthusiasm is infectious and reminds me of when I was new to the game! And great interview with Damon last episode!


Just when you thought one interview with a lead designer was enough…


I interrogate Mikey B on his design philosophies before we dig into the Removed and Restricted cards of the MWL 2.0.


Finally someone asked the questions I would have asked in an interesting and fast paced way! :smiley:


@internet_potato and I dig into the Cache Refresh format. We got deckbuilding on the left, community on the right. With CR as a format, we got jukin all night.


Although not a new episode, I thought I’d post my new Buying Guide and Deckbuilding Guide, both great resources for new players. Check them out if you are looking for guidance when buying or deckbuilding, respectively.


Of all our episodes, this is the one we had the most fun recording. Also we drank a lot of beer.


I’m only midway through this episode and it’s pretty great but may I just say: podcasts are better when the people on them say nice things about me and then specifically talk to me.


Another great episode! Loved the pun foods.


Sanjay compliments are just one of the many kinds of great content we provide at Shipment from ChiLo.


Worth listening for “Avocado protocol” alone


It’s a Janksgiving Day miracle!


I loved so many things about this episode.

Edge of Worlds is an excellent title.

I really liked Jordan and Rose’s insights into their decks. I was especially interested to hear about Jordan’s Worlds Top Industrial Genomics deck and the exciting Election Day tech, and Rose’s Inversificatorsaurus list.

Wonderful as always.


Agreed, they seem like great players and great folks. It’s also proof that Industrial Genomics doesn’t ruin every marriage :sweat:


I liked having Rose and Jordan on the show because I think they enjoy Netrunner in a way that some others don’t. They love the puzzle of the turn and the assembly of the combo.

Jordan said he didn’t want to play CI, a deck criticized by many for lacking interesting counterplay, because he didn’t like the solitaire nature of the deck; so, he went with IG Biolock Prison, a deck criticized by many for lacking interesting counterplay. His argument: You’re on the verge of flatlining and you still need two agendas - you shouldn’t think about how you don’t have paths to victory now and instead think about all the decisions you made each and every click this game that got you to that point. Much more interesting when you think of it that way.

Rose was originally thinking about playing a mini-dyper combo-in-a-turn runner, where you pop a hyperdriver or two and play Freedom into Legwork into DDM into triple Notoriety. Some would say that’s not interesting to play against, but she would argue that you see the bookmark and can expect a big combo coming, so you need to adapt to her strategy by rushing or creating pressure. Meanwhile, she needs to build up a rig while making sure she can threaten a remote if possible, which is basically what Shapers do all the time. Her rig is just facedown on a Bookmark and has a hidden info element to it.

I was really happy to showcase playstyles that don’t get a lot of attention sometimes. There’s a lot of ways to enjoy this game. :smiley:


Happy New Year!


I help Greg, a new Netrunner player, prepare for a store champ! A must-listen for any new players, or anyone preparing for a store champ!