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Should there/will there be a way to clear a large number of tags?

So Midseason Replacements in NBN is kind of hilarious. You see an NBN ID hit the table and you really need to be thinking about how to deal with FA. But you have this tag-storm thing hanging in the background as persistent possibility. Given how easily the corp makes money these days, Midseason can easily result in 5+ and often 10+ tags. Many FFG LCGs include “board reset” style cards that can really take a game in a new direction if they hit the table at the right time.

Should there be something that does this for tags? Or is the game better served with tags staying “sticky” and dealt with only via some niche cards like Lawyer Up? Would a card solely dedicated to dealing with “tag-storm” even get played if it ever did get released or is it too specialized?



Heh. Forgot all about that. And I think I forgot because no one plays with it so there - all my questions have been answered.


Maybe it would get played if it didnt have to be first click. Maybe.

I’d rather it cost less than 4 credits.

The price is as usual, you get even if you clear two tags. I think it may enter the meta when there’s more tagstorm and less FA.

Well, I think tagstorm and fast-advance go hand in hand. Unless you’re relying on total surprise (and you should never do that), you need some sort of rush threat to force the runner into taking tags. The absence of the Astro threat makes NBN tagstorm more difficult to play, I think.


I hate the psychographics based scoring is collateral damage with regard to clot stopping sansan/astro chaining ad nauseum. Taking tags is the runner taking a risk, removing the risk of being psycho’ed out means that 1 tag is once again as good as 50 (nb4 traffic accident).

I was just getting hot for a MN tag overwhelm deck that trickles in the tags and recurrs psychographics to score agendas as it gets them, rather than sansan etc. Sadness.

Edit: This is the proper kind of hate against the deck above, the runner suffers until they can draw this and play it, then its back to climbing the hill of piling tags.

Information overload is still real ice if you have a bunch of tags. Also Install Psycho cyberdex (careful about that card name if you’re using autocorrect) is a real play.