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#shutdownforwhat Power Shutdown wins Netherlands regionals

Been playing Power Shutdown as a 2x in NEH since Clot hit Kate decks, and after NRE dropped it really started to shine. I convinced @spags to run it at FFG’s regionals (where he took 9th, not bad!) and now see i see that Eindhoven regionals (Netherlands) 1st place was NRDB user Micheal.Questier, playing NEH with Power Shutdowns! I’m interested in using this as a springboard for some discussion about what you various players have tried in your influence spreads to slot Shutdowns (or have you?). Do you think it has a place in the love triangle along with Blacklist and Lotus Field? I for one see it being great in mid-range non-NEXT ETF, variations of Boot Camp (testing that now myself), and NEH FA. What have you all seen thusfar?


ETF Breaker Bay Power Shutdown Will o’ Wisp Grail. Shhh.


He played it in conjuction with Crick, which, from first hand experience, is nasty…

Can’t tell if you’re serious or not, but I hope you are :stuck_out_tongue:
I imagine Parasite to still be a problem, but maybe they aren’t as focused on sucker/parasite when they’re running NRE and can break ice so much cheaper? Sending a Yog to the bottom of an Anarchs deck would be a great feel :smiley:

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@ff0x won the Liège Regional today with the same deck. He managed to score all his points behind a lotus when I was struggling to find Yog + NRE. Should have played Kate instead :smiley:


Jank decks are the best aren’t they.

Sorry I didn’t show, had a car to buy

On Saturday and Sunday? Did you pay cash in nickels? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeap, I was the one playing shutdowns in NEH ftw in Eindhoven. It’s obviously very strong against NRE with the amount of anarch seemingly increasing every day, however in NEH FA it does a lot more work. Chrome city wasn’t even legal in Eindhoven, and I still kept it since it works as an anti-clot card vs Shaper by shutting down their SMC. Combined with blacklist this can open up a small scoring window which is sometimes all you need. Crick with power shutdown is cute and it did win me a close game in elims, but there might be a better way to spend 3 influence.

Awesome to hear that @ff0x won the very next day with the same list. Rushing behind Lotus has never been better!

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The NEH fast advance deck I shamelessly copied was quite awesome. :slight_smile: I have been fooling around with it in RP, IG and Blue Sun but wasn’t comfortable enough with them to take them to a regional.

I really should have played Kate that day instead of Maxx.

How did your corp deck end up doing out of interest?

5-1. Lost on first round against a turn 1 blind siphon andy who clicked through my eli and then dropped a medium.
Win against 3 whizz, 1 Noise, 1 kit.

I managed to flatline @ff0x :smiley:

Troll was clearly the MVP of the day. Managed to score a Nisei behind Troll + Caprice. Feels good man.


Congratulations! You don’t post to nrdb do you? I’d love to take another look at it and how it works.

I haven’t published yet because people are asking me to do a write-up and I didn’t have enough sleep to do so. Maybe this week :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I look forward to it.

I think there’s something to it. Could work well in RP, as well. I played a fun game against the guy who took 4th at the FFG Center afterwards, and his MaxX was able to Gamble/Corroder/Eater/Siphon through my Wraparound turn one. Suffice it say, it was a grind. I lost badly, but it took him 40 minutes. Shutdown killed his Corroder, turning on Wrap again. Also, I was one credit shy of locking him up completely with Lotus/Blacklist after Shutdowning his NRE.

There’s potential. Over 6 games, I killed numerous Corroder, Clone Chips, Suckers, and NRE. If I had a Howard one game, I was going for a Yog.

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Haven’t used the Shutdown in anything outside of Weyland, but it was one of my favorite cards in my Blue Sun. Just kills lots of useful low cost stuff, including NRE now.

Wisp pairs well with, I think, by putting pressure on some of the tools you’re destroying, namely SMC and Clone Chip. Ran 1-2 of Wisp in my BS, depending on deck configuration.

Last year during the french national, @noda played 6 power shutdown against me during the top 8 with his HB Power shutdown deck.
It was awful :frowning:

I don’t even want to imagine how worse it would be now with Blacklist and CP around.

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The shutdown RP build is pretty good. Shutdown is generally a good card but with crick it gets significantly better. I think architect would pretty good as well.

Do you have your list up anywhere?