Silhouette's Aquarium

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here on the Stimhack forums, and my first time posting a public decklist. :smiley:

After rotation and changes from the Core 2.0, I made a resolution to stop net-decking so often and to try and build original decks more often. Below is one of those attempts, and I am looking for some feedback.

Silhouette’s Aquarium

Silhouette: Stealth Operative (Honor and Profit)

Event (14)

Hardware (7)

Resource (9)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (5)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

The basic idea is to load up Aumakua with virus tokens thanks to Silhouette’s expose ability. As I’ll be running HQ often to trigger the ID’s ability, HQ Interfaces and The Gauntlet lets me access more cards on those runs. Lampreys drain the Corp with each HQ run, and Pheromones makes it easier to get into the server. Sacrificial Constructs keep the suckerfish on the table after a virus purge.

I’m looking to rush the Corp into playing out agendas before they’re ready by threatening HQ multi-access so often.

I’ve played two games so far, both against [Jinteki: Personal Evolution] (Jinteki: Personal Evolution · NetrunnerDB), and the deck has done fairly well. I am thinking about swapping out the Sacrificial Constructs for Festers, as my opponent purged virus counters a lot last game, really hurting my Aumakua, and slowing down my access.

Thanks for looking. :smiley:


Glad your are posting! When I search on The Twitter for Netrunner I see ya posting some good stuff on there.

I was curious about this deck–looks like a lot of fun.

I know it’s kind of passe’, but I’d think adding a Dean Lister or two would help you get out of a few pinches when the inevitable purge comes your way.

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Thanks for the welcome. :smiley:

After today’s grind of a game, ways to rapidly boost Aumakua’s strength sound like a good idea. While running a remote with a Turtleback installed in it for three clicks a turn did get me some cash with multiple Aeneas Informants out, there have got to be way more efficient ways to pump the turtle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in no position to evaluate the deck overall, but my biggest concern would be how to answer Hortum on a scoring remote.

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First of all, I like the deck, and think the idea is cool =). However, I do have a couple criticisms, and since that’s what you asked for, let’s jump in!

For starters, your deck seems kinda poor. You only have 6 real econ cards in 3x Sure Gamble, 2x Dirty Laundry and 1x High-Stakes Job. Aeneas Informant can make money, but only when accessing assets and the like, so if they’re not playing naked assets it’s going to be a lot less reliable money over the course of the game. Ignoring the Aeneas, you only have 24 credits total in your entire deck. Against asset heavy decks, you’re going to do quite a bit better, but against decks that ICE their assets or play few of them, it’s going to be a LOT of clicking for cash.

Also, it seems like Purging really hurts this deck. It wipes your main breaker down to 0 strength, wipes the Phermones counters (although does keep the credits on it for one more run, assuming you didn’t run the turn before they purge, and that’s actually really nice), and purges off Lampreys, which seems like a key pressure piece. Once they’ve purged, if they have Archives ICEed and no free assets, you need to rely on the very expensive central-only breakers to get back up on Aumakua counters again.

It seems like the solution to both these problems is to just add a lot more money (and, as was pointed out, maybe some Deans). You could almost certainly lose the GPI Net Taps, since the card doesn’t do much, and could stand to only run two HQ Interface. More reliable cash in these slots could go a long way.

On a related topic, I had previously been messing with a Ken deck that went in on the Aumakua idea as well. I found that Datasucker is a really nice card to run alongside it, since a lot of what gets you Aumakua counters gets you Datasucker counters, and you can then get back in the game with only a couple runs. I also threw in some Progenitors to keep a little bit of strength after Purges, and then I went whole hog and added in Festers to really discourage the purging.

Here’s where I ended up:

Aumakua Ken

Ken “Express” Tenma: Disappeared Clone (Honor and Profit)

Event (20)

Hardware (3)

Resource (12)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (5)

17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)

All in all, it still felt a little poor at times, although once it got running you can make tons of money with a well placed High-Stakes Job from 3 Terminals and a 1c Ken refund. Eventually, though, I ran into a problem. If my opponent and I were both kinda low on money, but they had rezzed ICE over all their servers, purging was actually fine for them, Festers or not. They could spend a turn clicking for credits and then be in a position to threaten a 3/2 or a 4/2 next turn, and if I had no good way to make counters back, I was in a poor position to contest it. Finally, a Cyberdex in Archives was like looking death in the face.

Eventually, my solution was to take the entire deck concept and just throw it in Null. And here’s that deck:

Turtle Null State

Null: Whistleblower (23 Seconds)

Event (17)

Hardware (3)

Resource (10)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (8)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Opus solved most of the money issues (although it’s still a slow money maker early game), and Null’s ability, Scrubbed, Ice Carver, Progenitor, Datasucker and DDoS all are killer for keeping and maintaining Aumakua counters. Finally, Archives Interface fixes the CVS in Archives issue. The deck overall feels really good.

Anyhow, I’m not saying all this to be like “This is the deck you should play, etc, etc,” because I’m not. I just thought it was neat that you came up with a cool Aumakua deck, and thought I’d share where my own experimentation took me with a similar idea. It seems like there’s a lot of different ways you can take the idea.


I played against someone with that last week, then I leeched the decklist looking his heap and filled the holes.

It gave me that list, where Silhouette / GPI then stuff = booyaka (Feint = love there).

I think I play it with 3x turtle, so there is something to remove. It’s not a super strong list, but very cute and fun to play.

Silhouette: Stealth Operative
40 cards
Influence: 15/15 ●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​
Tournament legal

Event (16)
2 Career Fair (changed one of these for a sneakdoor)
3 Deuces Wild ●​●​●​
2 Dirty Laundry
2 Easy Mark
1 Emergency Shutdown
1 Feint
2 Special Order (changed one of these for a mongoose)
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (8)
3 GPI Net Tap
3 HQ Interface
2 The Gauntlet

Program (6)
2 Aumakua
2 Datasucker ●​●​
1 Gordian Blade ●​●​●​
1 Paperclip ●​●​●​

Resource (10)
3 Aeneas Informant
3 Daily Casts
2 Gang Sign (restricted)
2 Liberated Account ●​●​●​●​

Yo, good to see you took to this place! :slight_smile: Wow, you’ve got A LOT of HQ multiaccess in here! :smiley: I don’t think you need both Gauntlet and HQI, Corp will have HQ double-iced fairly quick after you put down a Lamprey, so it’ll be like having a pair of HQIs anyway. Plus, your rig is pretty expensive and it doesn’t seem like you’ve got enough money to install it all! I’d lean towards just keeping the Gauntlet, since +2mu is pretty good.
The Net Taps are also unnecessary. They’re expensive to install, and, since you’ve got an AI breaker, you mostly don’t care what ICE it is they’ve got there. They could become Dean Listers, which can be your “oh crap I can’t break this” button instead.
Since your plan is rather linear (run HQ lots, keep them poor with Lamprey, threaten a scoring remote if they do manage to find enough money to rez ice on one), you should prepare for HQ to become pretty expensive, or for the corp to purge so you can’t get in. A nice Sneakdoor beta will help deal with that, as, although it doesn’t combo with the Gauntlet or Pheromones, Lamprey still works, and more importantly so do Emergency Shutdown, which might help make HQ affordable to run directly again, and Political Operative, which is a must for dealing with defensive upgrades as a Criminal (especially if Turtle+Lister is your main way to get in - lister only works for one run).
Because Hortum and Turing are a thing, you should probably replace Passport (the best of the central-only breakers due to its dirt-cheap install cost!) with Abagnale. Having done that, there’s no reason to keep the other two central-only breakers, as Mongoose is straight up better than Alias, and Demara almost as good as Breach. You could probably cut the fracter tbh, as Wraparound is about the only thing that could pose a problem for a charged-up Turtle.
Finally, maybe replace Mad Dash with FTE, as you don’t have a way of GUARANTEEING you’ll see an agenda (eg Indexing, Spy Cameras etc), and can overwrite ELPs and the like too.

-1 Lamprey, ** -2 Net Tap, -3 HQI, -1 Alias, -1 Passport, -1 Breach, -1 Mad Dash, -1 Special Order
+1 Sneakdoor, +1 Emergency Shutdown,+1 Mongoose, +1 Fester * +1 Dirty Laundry, +1 Aumakua, +1 Abagnale, +1 Demara, +3 Dean Lister, +1 Deuce’s *, +1 Freedom Through Equality, +1 PolOp

So I’ve added 1 card more than I’ve cut, cause I’m greedy and bad at deckbuilding! :stuck_out_tongue: I still think it could use more economy tbh, so maybe switching to Steve or Gabe deck would be a worthwhile tradeoff for being able to fit 3 Daily Casts or something.

The last thing I’m wondering is how often you play the Levy. Is it the entire deck you need to recur or is it specific cards? Cause if it’s the latter maybe Rip Deal would do just as well, especially with Gauntlet and/or HQIs in the deck. If there’s 4 ICE on HQ you can get back 2 Lampreys and 2 Listers and start messing with them again. And you could use the restricted card slot for Film Critic or Employee strike, and maybe another 1-2 Festers (in which case you’d definitely need to be a 45 card deck). Or, instead of Festers, replace Gauntlet with Daredevil for draw, and add back 2 HQIs?

Course, the main thing I’ve been thinking is how much better this woudl’ve been with Desperado… :’(

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Thanks very much for all the feedback everyone. :smiley:

Runner economy is one place where I feel my deckbuilding skills are still quite weak. The recent article “Giving Your Deck Enough Credit” by @Saan helped a lot, but I’m always looking to improve.

I’m able to play at least once almost every weekday, but the games are against my coworker at lunch. So while I’m able to get a lot of practice and deck testing in, it’s not against a variety of different decks. So feedback from the wider Netrunner community is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not entirely sold on the 3x Aeneas Informants to be honest. They went in as a last minute addition mostly because I didn’t want to dig the Daily Casts out of my Reina deck. We don’t really have a meta here in Osaka as people are always showing up with new decks to try out. Swapping them for Daily Casts is probably the better choice as I don’t know if I’ll be facing asset-heavy Corp decks.

My opponent purging virus counters hurt a lot in yesterday’s game. The plan was to use Sacrificial Construct to keep Lamprey on the table after a purge so I could keep hurting the Corp with my HQ runs. But as Aumakua was too weak to get into HQ after losing its virus counters (all my other breakers we in the heap from net damage), keeping Lamprey was rather pointless. I had to go make runs against undefended remotes to build up tokens again, giving my opponent lots of time to recover.

As suggested, Dean Lister or Data Sucker (or possibly both) are ways to get into a server after a purge.

The “central only breakers” seemed like a good idea at the time. Lull the Corp into thinking their remotes are generally safe and then drop an Aumakua to bust in. But that doesn’t really work. The turtle wants to be out on the table ASAP to pick up virus counters from accessing/exposing cards. So there’s really no need to use Alias, Breach, and Passport. Abagnale, Mongoose, and Demara are better choices. Maybe even a Femme Fatale to be able to skate under problematic ICE.

The Levy AR Lab Access was added after I decked myself in my first game. A lot cards go into the heap when playing against Jinteki, and I lost to a flatline when I had no more cards to draw. I figured that recycling the deck also couldn’t hurt given all the events I have. Rip Deal does seem good when I have so much HQ multi-access though, and opens up that restricted slot for something like Magnum Opus, Film Critic, or Employee Strike.

Maybe the ID needs to be switched over to Gabriel Santiago. Forgo the “expose a card” ability to make money off of HQ runs instead.

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Well that was an absolutely crappy pair of games I just played (trio it you also count my loss as Corp with my Spark deck).

Here’s the current state of Silhouette’s Aquarium:

Silhouette’s Aquarium 2.0

Silhouette: Stealth Operative (Honor and Profit)

Event (16)

Hardware (4)

Resource (11)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (4)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

I swapped out the 2x GPI Net Tap for 2x Dean Lister, changed the 3x Sacrificial Constructs to 3x Festers, changed the 3x Aeneas Informant to 3x Daily Cast, dropped the 2x Pheromones and a Lamprey to squeeze in 2x Data Suckers, and added a third Dirty Laundry. (I would have swapped out the central only breakers for Abagnale, Demara, and Mongoose, but didn’t have them with me.)

I lost two games against Jinteki PE in fairly rapid succession, and think I actually made the deck worse.

Game 1: My opponent mulligans. Mandatory draw. Click 1: Install ICE over R&D. Click 2: Install a remote. Click 3: Install a remote. End.

My turn. Click 1: I install Aumakua. Click 2: Play Deuces Wild to make 3c and expose the ICE over R&D (it was a Lotus Field) and then make a run on HQ. I expose a remote with Silhouette’s ability (a Chronos Protocol) and see a Trick of Light in HQ. Aumakua has three counters on it. Click 3: I Dirty Laundry the Chronos Protocol, losing Mad Dash to PE’s net damage. Click 4: uhh… somthing. I forget exactly.

My opponent’s turn: Mandatory draw. Advance, advance, advance, score the other remote, which was a Phylotic Entanglement. Deal 2 net damage for a flatline loss. Good job, dummy. :sob:

The second game went better, but was still a quick loss. I get out Aumakua and Data Sucker early, but there’s a damn Lotus Field over HQ. My opponent is making enough money that the 2c to purge from Fester doesn’t hurt, and gladly resets my turtle a few times. I get out a Daily Cast, but it depletes itself quickly and my economy dries up. Getting up to 3c to get into HQ with my Passport feels like a struggle, and I’m not seeing a lot of agendas.

Eventually I get flatlined again from a scored Phylotic Entanglement (again) and a Trick of Light-ed Ronin. Bah.

After that poor performance, I think I might switch over to Gabriel for my ID.


I feel your pain. I keep wanting to make this type of deck work but not getting anywhere. I tend to think that putting multiple viruses in with the turtle just gives the corp extra value for purges. I also don’t rate High Stakes Job as I think it only really works in ‘unfair’ strategies. E.g. HSJ and DDos is hilarious.

I am thinking of employee strike as my restricted card and spending the virus influence on trope (lets you ditch Rip Deal). also losing Fester. Also considering Hunting Grounds. Without some way of looking at R&D I don’t like Mad Dash. Notoriety might be better option as the 7th point. Unlike others I do rate GPI net tap. As well as feeding the turtle it does allow you to run aggressively. Finally, Maxwell James is her best mate I reckon. You’re running HQ anyway and in a pinch he can derez ice before approach if you desperately need GPI turtle food.

Well, playing against PE (or as PE) isn’t really typical Netrunner, it’s a little sub-game of Netrunner where the only thing that matters are bluffs and cards in hand. Unless you have tech cards in your deck it becomes just a matter of knowing what the right remote to run is and drawing as much as possible. Just be grateful you didn’t expose a Psychic Field with Sil’s ability! :smiley:

I think sneakdoor should be mandatory here.

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Purpose of GPI aren’t for lulzs.
This is pumping Turtle unless the corp rez ice. Silhouette on HQ is another +1/+2 str.
After a purge, you can run any useless server, GPI x2 or 3, jack out, then rerun that and ask again for another purge.

You can GPI x2/x3 any approached unrezed ice.

The mini Gang sign / HQI module ask the corp to rush which is bad idea against Ai (???).

Gang sign is a really strong aggressive include because it makes the corp panic. Employee strike is a strong defensive include. In my area everyone’s playing Jinteki net damage or booping with AgInfusion. ES turns that off and also protects you against Skorp, against Titan and the Atlas train, Sol currents and Scarcity more generally. Not to mention CI who may be getting complacent about runner currents. You’ll always be happy to have a ES. The only dead match ups are Harmony Medtech and Next. (I’m not counting Custom Biotics because no one does.)

All-in on remotes would be Queen Gambits in Silhouette, if QG did not rotate (??).

I think this may not be fault of your deck, but rather your approach to Jinteki…and some bad luck. I say this because I lose to Jinteki a lot and I’ve seen other people play my decks and not lose. Running aggressively can often get you killed. But even then…it’s easy to run out of cards if you go for quick set up.

I’d be interested to know if there’s a thread/article specifically about running against PE or PU. When I search it all looks like JNET stuff.

I’ll admit that my last two losses were perhaps more due to poor playing and poor luck than the deck @analogBrad. Rushing against PE was a very poor choice. As I had no heap to remove, I should have simply ignored that Chronos Protocol and filled up my hand with those last two clicks. If my opponent did score it next turn, I might have lost something decent to the net damage, but they’d be very low on credits. That would have given me time to set up.

I’m not entirely sold on the GPI Net Tap @anon34370798. It does buff the turtle and allow me to jack out if I see something dangerous. But as I’m not packing any derezzing cards, I don’t think they’re that useful. As soon as the ICE is rezzed, they do nothing.

I’ve considered Gang Sign @deleriad, especially as I’m running so many HQ Interface. Getting to access multiple cards from HQ when the Corp scores is fantastic, and really slows my opponent down. (I can attest to the from being on the other side of Gang Sign Leela fairly often. :stuck_out_tongue:) But that means no AR Levy or Employee Strike. Which I am leaning towards now. Employee Strike turns off so many problematic ID abilities. Of course that means I’ll have no recursion, apart from things like Retrieval Run and Rip Deal.

I think you’re right about the Sneakdoor Beta @enk. The deck wants to get into HQ so badly that I really shouldn’t ignore that tool. Plus, it forces the Corp to spread out ICE. Which is never a bad thing.

Here’s some thots.

  1. The Supplier can be a good economy card for your deck with the GPIs. It slows down start of turn triggers like Casts and Earthrise, so you’ll still want to keep your Career Fairs.

  2. Silhouette, Aumakua, and Aeneas have a great interaction with two of the best cards in the game right now: Maw and Slums. So let’s try that.

  3. Gang Sign is a dumb card that totally boosts all that stuff in #2 above.

  4. Cortez keeps bigger ICE facedown longer letting you milk your GPIs.

So here’s my suggestion:

Beware of the Leopard!
Silhouette: Stealth Operative

Event (8)
3x Career Fair
2x Feint
1x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (5)
3x GPI Net Tap
2x Maw ●●●●● ●

Resource (21)
3x Aeneas Informant
1x Dorm Computer [edit]
3x Daily Casts
3x Earthrise Hotel
3x Gang Sign :unicorn:
2x Hernando Cortez
1x Ice Carver ●●●
2x Salsette Slums ●●●●
3x The Supplier

Icebreaker (6)
1x Abagnale
3x Aumakua
1x Breach
1x Mongoose

Program (2)
2x Datasucker ●●

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
43 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Deck built on

Instead of Salsettes, I’d try Drive Bys there. Triple Gang sign is good, but not good enough without HQIs I think.

Surprised you don’t like Slums here. It’s a key card against spam, and the new FAQ wording makes it trigger Maw, Aeneas, and Aumakua. Gang Sign is just cheap ways to get more triggers. I’d rather swap Sign for Drive By than Slums. Also, I usually only get Drive By to trigger once a game cause Corp can easily play around it when they know it’s there.