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Site for hosting/joining live Netrunner drafts


After a couple of months of work on my own, I am excited to say I’m officially launching netrunnerdraft.com today. I’m initially supporting the Stimhack cubes for drafts. I’ll be adding the ability for you to define your own cubes in the next week or so.

You can start or join a draft, chat in channel, your last 10 drafts are saved in your history, export your picks in jinteki.net format, and AI will fill all empty seats in your drafts. AI works by randomly choosing cards in its hand. You can set a timer for each pick and set the number of turns you can timeout before a player goes to a 15 second clock that auto-picks for them. If a player drops from a draft, AI will take over too.

I also created a “Custom” mode where you don’t draw from a known set of cards. You specify which card sets you want to draw from and rules that dictate which cards can be drawn. That’s still a beta feature, but it works. It’s just not polished with rule autocompletion and documentation.

Also, I should mention, it’s not mobile friendly yet. you could probably use it on an iPad but not a phone. I used bootstrap for the UI, so it won’t be too bad to fix. i’ll be making the phone experience better soon.

Anyway, try out a draft with your friends or just versus AI opponents… Your feedback is welcome here!