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Sleeper Hold vs. Friendcoats - Better ETF right now?

Which is the better ETF right now?

Sleeper Hold



What do you mean by better? If you mean higher winning the answer depends very much on the meta you are referring to.

i have a friend that’s plays sleeperhold. It is hard to play against. So hard it honestly almost borders as unfun. The fourth time you trash the same team sponsorship you will wonder not just whether you should keep playing the game, but if you should continue to live in general.

Strongly recommended.

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I’ve been playing a deck for about 7 months that can be compared to Friendcoats. Even in this ice destruction heavy meta, it is very good. It’s some of the most fun and classic netrunner I’ve had in quite a long time.

The answer to this and every other deck that has Friends, is you just Slums it.

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