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Sleeves and the colours of A:NR

I would like to sleeve my cards and I was confused about what coloured sleeves I should buy.

What is the colour of Weyland? Is it grey, turquoise or something else? I have found this as reference

What are the colours of the 3 minor factions (Adam, Apex and Sunny)? (I went with brown for Adam, deep red for Apex and black for Sunny)

In what colour do you sleeve your Identitiy cards? Especially the double sided ones (like the NBN Sync everything everywhere, Jinteki Biotech, Life Imagined). Do you have experience with transparent sleeves, for example like this one?

Weyland is supposed to be dark green I think.

I can understand your colours for Adam and Apex, but personally I think grey/silver fits better with Sunny. Black seems a bit dark for such a joyfull character.

I always sleeve my identity with the same sleeves as the decks. This way you always have a spare sleeve with you, if one gets damaged/marked. It’s simple to just take out the card and turn it around if needed.

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When looking at her cards and ID, black seems to be the more dominant colour though.

Personally I sleeve my runner decks in red and the corp in blue KMC Hyper Matte sleeves. It’s easier to maintain as I only need to manage 2 colours :slight_smile:
Also I’m a fan of using clear sleeves for the IDs, especially for the flip IDs. When using the same colour as my deck I would often shuffle in the ID (still do) and then it’s easier to find if it looks that different.


Yeah I only use two colours too and always put ID’s in a different colour, I recently didn’t do this and managed to draw my Hayley ID while playing ETF :slight_smile:

Yep same here. I put 2 ID cards in a clear sleave, so no matter how I flip it, I see the picture. And you don’t get your ID lost in your deck.

As for sleeving my regular decks, I put everything in the same type of sleeves (UltraPro Mattes for casual nights, KMCs for tournaments). Resleeving decks or switching out physical cards is already enough of a pain as it is.

I have seven boxes of Dragon Shield mattes http://www.arcanetinmen.dk/products/dragon-shield-matte-sleeves-standard-size-100-ct

There’s no particular logic to the colours (white= Weyland and black= Jinteki) except that they happened to look good. The minifactions have to use one of the other runner faction colours.

Over time I have filled 100 sleeves in each colour by deckbuilding for each faction. I leave many of these cards sleeved if they are common includes (e.g. 3x Advanced Assembly Lines for H-B). This way I always have each faction’s “best” cards ready to go in a moment’s notice.

Hayley’s ability does seem very in faction for Haas… Perhaps you could pass her off as a unique asset?

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Same. Prevents shuffling ID into deck, works for the flip IDs. I’ve seen people use the slightly larger plastic frames for IDs too and that works as well.

This question “what actual colors are the factions?!?” is a good one. What’s the difference between Shaper green and Weyland green? Is Anarch orange or red?

I sleeve Runner cards in one color (‘Peach’ according to UltraPro, it’s a light-ish Orange) and Corp in another (I think UltraPro calls it ‘Green’ but it might be ‘Lime’… it’s the darker of the two colors, and is close to Weyland Green instead of Shaper Green.

I sleeve the ID in a different color, usually using some discarded sleeves lying around.

Provided each color was exclusive to the faction it is assigned to, here’s how I would designate colors…

HB: Purple
Jinteki: Red
NBN: Yellow
Weyland: (Dark) Green

Anarch: Orange
Criminal: Blue
Shaper: Lime Green

Adam: Brown
Apex: Black
Sunny: White

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Green for runner and purple for corp



I currently have 18 “prebuilt decks” (with lots of proxies). I bought all of the different sleeve colours from Ultimate Guard (there are 20, I keep my IDs in transparent sleeves) and

I was wondering do you know of any other sleeve manufacturing company that sells different colours?

I am especially looking for yellow, orange, red and purple alternatives. (Bright yellow, dark yellow, bright orange, light orange etc.)

The colours that I have:
NBN: Yellow, Sand/Ivory
Anarch: Orange, White
Jinteki: Red, Pink
Shaper: Green, Light Green
HB: Purple, Black
Criminal: Blue, Royal Blue
Weyland: Petrol, Turquoise, Aquamarine

Adam: Brown
Apex: Burgundy (dark red) (they don’t sell it anymore)
Sunny: Grey

(and I have light blue in “reserve”, for another runner).

I have found Ultra Pro Lilac and Ultra Pro Blackberry for HB, Ultra Pro Fuchsia for Anarch, Ultra Pro Peach for Jinteki and Dragon Shield Gold for NBN.

I got for Yellow for NBN, Red for Jinteki, Purple for HB, Dark Green for Weyland, Blue for Criminal, Orange for Anarch, Light Green for Shaper, then I think I have Apex in Black, Adam in White and Sunny in Pink.

Aside from the mini-factions, I like these colours for the factions. I sleeve my stored neutrals in clear sleeves and usually sleeve IDs in the same colour as their faction (although I do generally sleeve SYNC in a clear so I can just flip it over on the rare occasion I need to).

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