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So am I allowed to take notes during a game or not?(tournament)


Sooo time to close this thread?


If I get an answer from FFG, I would love to post it here, but I doubt they will write back at all.

I will just pray and look forward to the day they make some decent competitive rules.

Otherwise, go ahead.


I think you’re misunderstanding what “outside of the game” means in this rules context. Yes Dice do not come with netrunner in the packaging, but that’s not what this rule is referring to. Dice being used to track the credit pool is “inside” the game. Its part of what is happening between the two players sitting at that table. Outside in this case refers to anything not related to the two people and that specific game of netrunner being played at that time. I believe you said English was not your native language, so I think some things may be getting lost in translation.

To clarify that, They didn’t “delete the rule” they changed where it appeared in their rulebook, which was split to Tournament regulations (logistics of running the event), and Floor Rules (In game rules specific to tournaments).

Anyways, as pointed out, Netrunner does unfortunately give rulings via twitter, and then they spread through pipelines here, on reddit, through facebook, and its not perfect but its something we all just need to deal with. Same with FFG’s issue with keeping all their rules in the same place, its just something we learn to live with.


So you tell me counting credits with dice is inside the game which I am totally fine with.

But “refering to notes” being under the “outside assistance” topic, would deny me to count my credits using notes, when the relevant topic refers to “outside” material and information?

So may I count my credits using notes now, before it was clearly forbidden, because notes were not allowed as gameplay aid and that passage is clearly absent now.

My issue here is the context in which refering to notes is prohibited.

I hope you can see my point. Also considering dice to count as outside material seemed to be quite far fetched, too. But rules should not be a topic of personal interpretation. (That was not an issue of general not understanding of the English language, or lack of)

By the way I actually care for good rules, especially for all my favourite LCGs, that is why I even started this topic, to point out that I think things are not done right here at all. (after the rework)