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So what happened to the RPG?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, here you go:

No news since October of last year? Is this still happening?

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Pretty sure that ended up being fake. I don’t think that was ever actually a thing, but if it was I would throw my money at it in a Heartbeat.

It was real, but the gossip of the time says that they released that announcement without consulting FFG. Thus why FFG didn’t have a corresponding announcement on their site. In a lot of games industry cases, that would be a breach of contract. Combine that with the haphazard announcement - MTG Rakdos symbol, typos - I wouldn’t be surprised if that project got canceled.

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I would personally love a game where you get money, encounter ice, and use breakers. Since the actual card game doesn’t seem to value these things anymore, I’d roleplay this.


i recall some backlash to their up-front description of how the game is not pay-to-win because it was cooperative, and therefore you pay for your group to win… totally not pay-to-win. excepthatitwas

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I guess we can close this thread now innit