Solid all around decks right now?

If you are not great at reading the meta and brewing decks to exploit it, what are some solid decks that give you a fighting chance vs most archetypes?

My guess would be Temuijin Whizz and Moons.

Are those reasonable? Are there others?

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Generic shaper (money + breakers + RDI + Clot) does pretty well. Gang signs Leela is generally good to fight most things also.

Corp side, I’m loving Gagarin with the new arms factories.

Another reasonable choice is the new(ish) Lock Hayley deck. Here’s my current build The idea behind it is that you put the corp in a position where they can’t really score agendas due to massive Faust pressure, can’t protect agendas due to Rumor Mill, and can’t FA agendas due to Clot and Sac Cons. You win through your multiaccess cards; since agendas pile up in hand because scoring is usually bad and Jackson is turned off through Mill, Legwork finds a few, and you also usually see 5 cards at a time with DDM since you almost always have only Faust installed with Astrolabe negating its memory cost.

Right now it probably needs a couple Councilman back in the deck to help counter the new CI builds, and honestly it might need a Brahman to help against the Hatchet Job->Salem’s Hospitality flavor of Scorpios since Sac Con does nothing to help the program that is now in your hand.

Beyond that, Blue Sun is fantastic right now, since no one is running D4v1d and there are few Employee Strikes around. Plus, with all the money you can get with BS, Employee Strike is usually only a small speed bump these days. I’ve had good luck with an MCA Informant/Midseason build, I’ve seen someone doing MCA/Midseason spiced up with Zealous Judge to combo with MCA, and TImmy Wong had a great run at Nationals with an Off The Grid build as well. Meta-wise, it’s not in a bad place.

I think generic shaper is much better placed than it was.

Moonspam is obviously a hot deck, but is quite difficult to play well and can certainly be teched against. Midrange HB, combining remote play and fast advance seems like a list with OK matchups across the board. I recently took it to my first real life tournament and it served me quite well.

Yeah, this is great fun and a pretty good deck. It has multiple angles and doesn’t just get turned off by one tech card.

@WhackedMaki published this list from Nationals here:

He was top 4 in Swiss, before getting swept in the cut.


Huh. I leave for a few months and green cards are good on both sides. What the hell kind of bizzaro world is this?!

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What would you suggest cutting for the Councilmen and/or Brahman? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a bit of CI in the coming regionals.

I feel Misdirection is uneeded in the current meta. If you want to tech for CI I would cut Legwork for CBI Raid and call it a day.


I think the decks that won Chicago regionals this year are both excellent well rounded decks. Sol Semi-Glacier/Fast Advance and Desperado Smoke.

Both decks are definitely looking to play “fair” Netrunner but they’re also chock full of generally good cards and I don’t think either deck really has an unwinnable matchup though obviously they do have a few weaknesses (Smoke probably needs a bit of luck to beat a Prison deck for instance).

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You can combat Hatchet/Salem combo using Hayley’s ability, you just need to keep an extra SMC/CC on the table and have a valid target, then once Hatchet lands, you have an action window to use SMC/CC and install the breaker lost from Hatchet with Hayley’s ability.



Midrange HB, combining remote play and fast advance seems like a list with OK matchups across the board. I recently took it to my first real life tournament and it served me quite well.

Could you share a list? I tried several ones, but couldn’t make it work against Hayleylock.

For the OP:
I think account siphon+Whizz is quite nice.
I have seen a couple of “Yogosaur” decks with Kit, which work.
Prepaid Kate
A general Sunny
Steve+Account siphon+Temujin is nice
I think some Los decks are nice.

I haven’t seen a strong Leela deck yet, I guess it is strong against Moonspam.

1 Like was the list I took, a pretty straightforward one. I never faced lock Hayley, so I couldn’t comment on that matchup, though slotting an Ark lockdown would probably help.

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Thank you!

Well that’s kinda genius. Also, I hated the idea of having to maybe include Brahman. That idea implies that this deck has money =P

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First off, I just want to say that I think the meta at the moment is very healthy. Going back to worlds last year and the top 16 being pretty much one colour on either side. Now you can expect to see Whizzard Siphon, Whizzard Temujin, MaxX, Andy, Hayley lock, Ayla, Smoke for runners. On the corp’s side, EtF Moon, Hasty CI, Sync, Jammy HB, Foodcoats, Palana, Ag Infusion and Skorpios. I dare say I’ve even missed some.

Some are certainly stronger than others but they have all made strong performances at recent big tournaments.

Going back to the original question: I think the decks that standout as the strongest against the majority of the field at the moment are EtF Moon and Sync for corp and either Siphon or Temujin Whizzard for the runner.


Despe Smokes are in the Wizzard realm against horizontals. She can trash assets at -2c four times in a turn.
Prison decks are not the biggest problems, FA are (also trap, also moderns supermodernisms).