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South of Houston, TX Netrunner Playgroup

Looking for players in the League City / Pearland, TX area (south of Houston TX) to start grouping up with for play sessions / store events. Recently a few others and I have started weekend sessions at Arkham Comics & Games in Pearland TX, though we’d like to either expand our current group or link up with others.

Some of the LGSs in the region tell me there’s some players scattered about, but we never can seem to cross paths with them. Let me know if you’re in the area and interested.

Make sure you add your group to the PlayGroup Finder!

Buddy of mine lives in that area and has been looking for a Netrunner meetup. Is there a facebook group or something he can plug into, or should I get him on Stimhack to pm you?

We will create a Facebook soon, though meanwhile if you could get them to message me on here, that would be great!

I have an aunt and uncle who live in League City. It’s been quite a few years since I visited them, but if I end up in that area with time to kill (unlikely, but you never know), I’ll look you guys up.

I have started playing with another guy on Wednesdays in the evening in a restaurant in Pearland town center. We are just playing with the core set currently and trying out each faction deck in the core set.