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Sovereign Sight Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)


Hydra runs Tithonium with IT Department, some CI runs Ashigaru, kill you Jinteki runs Chiyashi, and Titan runs Ice/Fire Wall with Anson or other advancement shenanigans. And all that is without counting CVS fire during encounter.

The lockout possibility is real. That 1c install cost is super tempting, but I wouldn’t want to rely on it.


Crypsis might be worth considering over VBG to avoid some lockouts. It has the same click requirement, but is influence free and doesn’t have the same “at least 1 virus counter” restriction.

EDIT: Yusuf as TBB points out being able to use virus counters off anywhere makes VBG much better by avoiding the click cost. Crypsis may still be useful to make a successful run somewhere and restart the Yusef/Datasucker/other virus engine going again, but not likely worth it.


You don’t have to click the counters over from VBG. You can spend them right off the card with Yusuf.


Honestly that’s the only thing that makes VBG playable with Yusuf…

I did make a Noise deck a while back using VBG and Hivemind (Sidenote: I wonder if there’s a Hivemind deck. Probably not…) and that click cost is real, so Yusuf sidestepping it is pretty sweet.

Aaaaaand we found the thing that makes Yusuf extremely sad… :wink: