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Sovereign Sight Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/sovereign-sight-community-review-and-meta-predictions-runner/

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What I was saying was wrong! See answer from @yluras! It’s only once per turn.

Thanks for the review, really enjoy them much more then all the pod casts as you can read instead of listening!

3x Upyas installed and enough clicks and free runs on R&D you could:
Run R&D 3 times, unload Upya 3x, Run R&D 3 times , unload Upya, … so with Equovocation this makes sense and a not protected R&D. Sounds like a good include in Dyper…

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Personal prediction:

I’m still betting that Paperclip ends up Restricted in the next MWL. Which hopefully comes sooner than later.

Limit 1 per turn, so “only” +3 clicks max, which can be really really good if you manage to get all 3 of them.

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Thanks, really happy to hear that. Correct my post and it shows how easy it’s possible to stop reading to early…

I think you’re right, it’s so far above the curve (especially with corroder restricted) that I don’t see how any other fracter can compete.

I think Yusuf is much better than people think, like 10/10 better. The obvious comparison is paperclip:

  • 3 credits cheaper
  • 1 more MU (not that important)
  • 2 more strength (not that important considering Paperclip’s ability)
  • No install-from-heap resiliency, efficiency, or synergy
  • Virus synergy (and disadvantage with purging)
  • 1 less influence
  • Most importantly, free to use. On a server with a common one-sub barrier like Vanilla or Kakugo, Yusuf expends one virus counter, but then gains one virus counter, without spending any credits.

Yusuf easily has the capability to replace Paperclip as the default fracter for all factions.

I agree with most of your analysis, but I feel like you’re missing a crucial con of Yusuf – it can potentially be locked out unless you have specific support cards like Virus Breeding Grounds or Progenitor and most of the support cards are in Anarch. I suppose Criminals could use something like Cache to recover from a purge, but that could be awkward with the MU constraints.

I don’t think it’s likely to replace Paperclip as the default fractor choice just because you have to build around it quite a bit to avoid a potential lockout situation.

Hadn’t thought of Puffer in Geist…

Also, Study Guide costs credits to boost strength. Puffer (on Dino/Dhegdheer) doesn’t…

I cannot see Yusuf replacing Paperclip. You absolutely need some way to avoid CVS blowout or some non-run based way of gaining Virus counters, and Paperclip doesn’t have those drawbacks. AND, Paperclip comes back from the heap, Yusuf doesn’t.

I’m just not on board the Yusuf-train. It might be better than I’m seeing, though… (Remember we also don’t have Grimoire, so this card literally can’t break anything when you install it, unless you have Virus counters somewhere else, or you spend another click to Run.)


I think yusuf will be very good if it is part of a suite (even if the numbers or conditions on the other breakers are somewhat worse). I don’t see it working as a standalone breaker, and I think stuff like Friday chip, acacia, etc will be necessary to avoid getting locked out.

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I’ve been trying it a lot. Yusuf is indeed a lot better than I expected. However, keeping in mind that Paperclip is insane and meta-warping in terms of what Barriers people play, the value proposition of Yusuf is a little muted.

It’s also not really 3 credits cheaper, as you install Paperclip clicklessly and thus gain the economic value of that click.

The decoder one (if it exists) will hopefully be bonkers.

I think Yusuf is really quite good! Playing it along with Datasucker also makes MKUltra and Black Orchestra better as well. Been playing around with it in Maxx, but I still slot the 1x Paperclip to avoid the lockout.

The lockout point is well-taken, but I think the huge advantage of 1 credit to install and 0 to pump/break outweighs it, at least with the current state of runner economy.

1: Yes, play it with Datasucker. Not because Datasucker directly helps Yusuf, but because it doubles up on the virus counters on successful (central) run. This is how The Deck (Andromeda) played the game, and it does work. The problem here? Yusuf is 2 MU.

2: If it’s part of a full breaker suite, that’s actually going to be very strong and will bring back the 1x CVS meta. It depends mightily on how efficient the Killer/Decoder are. (I strongly suspect they will not be as good as Yusuf is. Hopefully require more than one counter to buff strength.)

3: Macrophage.

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Yeah, I just wonder if 3x progenitor (good with Aumakua, Datasucker, and Yusuf, but open to best defense) 2x Datasucker, 2x Yusuf, and 1x Paperclip (to avoid lockout) are worth the 8 card slots? Not to mention it’s hard to run Inject with non conspiracy programs.

Or if you’d be better off just running 2x Paperclip with inject and ice carver(s) etc.

I mean, if you are going to play Aumakua, Datasucker AND Yusuf then Memstrips isn’t actually a terrible support card over progenitor as it isn’t order dependent and could potentially get you 1 more mu for the effort.

And if you are playing so many cards that are all about making runs and being aggressive, you would probably rather make some runs early, rather than waiting for the combo.


I can see Yusuf being pretty good if corps forget to slot chiyashi. Other than chiyashi, paperclip has pushed most barriers str>3 out of the meta.

I would love to see a new virus-spam anarch deck. I really enjoy the disposable programs shifting your rig every turn to create new threats for the corp to respond to and keep the corp from feeling safe.

I think we need more of this virus rig to really know who well it will work. Running with Datasucker and some 1-2c breakers early to get tokens building can make an aggressive start, but then you need something to punish corp purges too…


Fester can be good, not to mention if the Viruses are on Progenitors the purge doesn’t do much. Still just leans towards more setup and a potential lockout. Acacia, in the third datapack, will help, gaining money for all the virus counters purged, but all the money in the world won’t get you through a purged lockout. You’d still need to slot Clippy/BO/MK or a non virus AI.

There’s tons of (good anyways) hate for Yusuf. There’s literally no good hate for Paperclip other than playing fewer barriers. Yusuf’s strength will probably rely on it not being a dominant build…so I see it as more of a niche card.


I think that’s the best point. Paperclip has very little to no hate. Although Yusuf can compare and quite well, there are hate cards for it and other viruses.