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Speed Running today: 11 AM EST

Stream here.

I’m going to be trying to win a game with each big box ID. I’ve given myself 20 minutes per ID.

I’ve built or borrowed decklists for each ID that feel at home in the ID. Here’s what I’m starting with, though I might make edits mid-stream, especially for the decks I haven’t played much before.

Akiko: Pave a way to R&D and… maybe something good will happen???
Gnat: Small Anarch with a small deck. All the better to find your combo pieces. Inspired by some of the stuff my friend YukonCornelius has built.

Apex: Leaving heavily on ice destruction. I hope this deck even works?
Sunny: Slow the corp down and run everywhere, get those accesses, win those games.
Adam: A meat and potatoes deck Adam deck I borrowed from #adamlounge in Slack.

Edward Kim: Edward Kim loves trashing things, so I trashed the World’s Winning Hoshiko list to make this.
MaxX: My 99 card MaxX deck that just got second at the Itinerant Pro-testers Tournament
Val: A great deck I’ve borrowed from Baa Ram Wu. Val gives you Q-loop discounts!

Iain Stirling: Iain’s main thing is sitting back and wasting time, so I’ve leaned into that with this deck. Might be rough for speed running purposes.
Silhouette: Inspired by mars’s Silhouette deck I saw during Vesper’s Lockdown event, this leans into Silhouette’s ability to generate a lot of exposes.

Kit: Inspired by the excellent Kit deck that mildesorte10 brought to the True Colors event this weekend, I added some influence and probably made the deck worse.