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Spoiler Discussion: Future Proof: UPDATED With Everything

Discuss all Future Proof spoilers here. As new cards are spoiled I will update this page with the latest spoilers.

LATEST SPOILERS ARE HERE: http://imgur.com/a/UXGka

I want to see an NBN player splash Chum and place it above Flare. Darwin looks very interesting, and gives Surge even more of a home in Anarch decks that build around this.

I’m wondering if Flare could be a better solution against Plastcrete for Tag & Bag than Power Grid Overload.

I think Darwin will definitely see a lot of play as people try to figure out how good it is. Placed into the Noise Workshop decks it is crypsis (kinda) 4-6. Helps to shore up some consistency problems, as well as saving you some virus counters on crypsis. The downside is purging becomes better for the corp, but forcing purges is not exactly a bad thing.

Flare looks to be quite strong, and even threatens runners running with no programs. (especially if they just have a desperado out for example) I suspect NBN is going to be very strong when this data pack hits.

@Lysander I agree, Darwin looks to make playing surge more reasonable. The real hurdle is what to cut from the Workshop deck to add Darwin and surge.

Flare is a good card. I’ve literally been wanting them to reprint Cinderella, ever since the base set came out. Cinderella was one of my favorite ice from Original Netrunner.

NBN now has two strong in faction expensive ice. In addition to strong ice in Popup and Data Raven. Rich NBN could be very scary NBN!

Flare crushes a Dinosaurus so hard. Really, anytime this hits its terrible for the runner. Thats a must avoid trace. NBN makes it a trace 8 (original NBN at least), so basically its a forced big money loss for the runner.

Chum in front of it is strong. Chum is just great in NBN, since its awesome in front of Data Raven as well, And hunter, which is more playable in NBN.

Of course, the new NBN power will probably be totally different, but a trace 6 is still big. It really makes me want to have Foxfire and nuke any link cards they play, and then make Flare this massive money drain.

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Darwin is also strong, though it has limitations. It seems best in a deck without other viruses, so that if it forces purges, thats huge value, rather than simply losing its strength when they probably wanted to purge anyway.

Its also improved by E3, personal touch, etc.

However, its not pumpable mid run like Crypsis, and without E3 its worse vs multi-subroutine ice.

Its more Niche than Crypsis, but potentially awesome in the right deck.

I think Medium is a closer comparison to Darwin than Crypsis. Once installed, it just gets to a point where the corp has to purge every few turns or lose.

Latest cards spoiled: http://imgur.com/a/UXGka

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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I couldn’t find a mind=blown gif awesome enough to convey this.

Some thoughts though.

  • Data Leak Reversal, like Joshua B, seems to have poor synergy, considering it functions only when tagged, and can be trashed while tagged.
  • Faerie will work amazingly with static breakers in that if there’s something particularly nasty out of their reach (Janus, Archer), it can save the runner’s bacon. It also has potential with some non-Sentry breaker decks I’ve seen, since most sentries won’t do anything if the runner is able to click past (E3) or simply use link.
  • With Mr Li, Criminals can finally use their influence on something other than Diesel/Quality Time, which is very dangerous considering how well it is already in the current meta.
  • All three Shaper cards pretty much shatter any hope Jinteki has left at the moment, since it had the best defense against deep R&D digs.
  • Ruhr Valley would work wonders in Jinteki: Replicating Perfection, though its costs are rather high.

And once again, Jinteki and Weyland got the short end of the stick. I feel as though Runners by far got the better end of the deal on this one. NBN is the only corp that did exceedingly well with this pack; the others meh.

Edit: I just noticed NBN’s deck size and agenda minimums…

Yup, maybe the best data pack yet or close to it. We will be posting up a full set review tonight or early tomorrow hopefully.

So of all the awesome cards, the first one I want to bring up is:

New Angeles City Hall.

It seems so strong in a noise deck, if you wedged 2-3 of these into your noise deck in the same manner that you might shoehorn in plascretes if you were going to a regional… How could anyone ever stop you from developing your board?

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