Standard Ban List 23.08

New bans:

  • Bukghalter
  • Obokata Protocol
  • Tithonium

I feel like all new band are understandable, but I’ll add another word or two on Bukghalter:

I can’t believe this card was both printed with the numbers it has, and lasted this long without a ban. Finally there will be a reason to play any other killer in Criminal.

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I’m happy with a Bukghalter ban, hopefully Revolver gets some play now, it’s a cool card.

Fujii Asset Recovery seems a little weak as a replacement for Obokata, but I suppose we’ll see how it goes.

It thought so at first too but not having the option to not steal and triggering on score or both big wins in it’s favor. It’s definitely a downside in many prison jinteki lists but could be a good step towards encouraging more scoring within jinteki.

Yeah definitely, it’s going to be strong in a different kind of Jinteki deck I think. It’s weaker in straight grinder but that doesn’t mean it won’t have a role to play elsewhere. I’ll be keen to try it out.

Still early and only one major tournament played but with still many tools and Econ available in the anarch card pool, is Hoshiko next up on the chopping block? 6/8 Hoshiko in the top cut at APAC.