Standard/Startup preconstructed initiative

Recently I visited the Netrunner Reboot Project and was pleasantly surprised by the effort that had been put into their set of preconstructed decks.

Credit goes to the Reboot project maintainers for creating a pool of decks that are varied and balanced, letting one quickly try a bunch of different archetypes (all recognizeable to those who played back in the day), with some degree of certainty about how competitive one’s deck is.

I once put some effort into creating a set of introductory decks for new players that I played with. I had some general guidelines for myself for how the decks would be built, and what I wanted each one to play, so that new players would get a decent feel for each faction. These decks have served me well, but they’re by now somewhat outdated. Given how much time went into them, starting over would be a non-trivial task.

Keeping up with Standard/Startup is a difficult task, and would be complicated further if one would have some requirement for balance in between the decks in the pool. Hence, all the more credit to the Reboot project.

I’m therefore curious about the following:

Do you guys know of people on NRDB that regularly post pools of decks like this? Maybe some user here that creates decks like these, or maybe just selects other people’s decks as some sort of collection?

I know of some users that have done this before, but that’s back in the FFG days.

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I would just search “duel” and similar terms on NRDB and see what’s most recent

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@lostgeek occasionally updates the CROW project, which is exactly what you are looking for. I heard he might be putting more work into it soon-ish. You can search NRDB for “crow” and look at the decks made by him. The CROW project has been around for a while, so there might be older cards in there, since rotated. Fortunately he puts a version number to the set :slight_smile:

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