Star Wars Destiny Canceled

I was surprised/kinda not surprised about this announcement today, especially in lieu of all the movement occurring at FFG/Asmodee. After watching FFG through the 2010s, it seems that most competitive card games have about a 6 to 7 year “window of activity” for the company.

I feel for those who loved Destiny and didn’t see this coming.

Tangentially, I’m happy NIESI has become the caretakers of our beloved game. I believe the folks involved now are more passionate, communicative, and knowledgeable–even if they don’t have the “industry power” to push out product as FFG does, the care they are putting into keeping the game surviving/thriving/(and possibly growing?) is wonderful.

In essence–after seeing how FFG creates games, tends to them for a little bit, then drops them (as their business model warrants), even if they hypothetically said they were going to launch an ANR 3rd Edition, I would have extreme doubts about how that would go.