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StarCraft 2: Insert Witty Netrunner-related Pun Here

The StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void beta, and specifically Archon mode, has been consuming almost as much of my mental bandwidth as Netrunner lately. I’m a big fan of cooperative play in general, and adding the enjoyable element of teamwork to the exciting core of 1v1 StarCraft 2 is truly delicious - it’s the most fun I’ve had playing StarCraft since the release of Brood War. I’m wondering if any other Stimhackers out there have been enjoying SC2 lately, are planning to jump in, or make a return with the impending release of LotV?

I’ve been unable to play as much as I would like, given all the usual time constraints life places on us all. But if you feel like handling that annoying ‘micro’ stuff while a truly terrible Gold/Platinum level Zerg handles the fun stuff like building bases and units, let me know!


I haven’t played multiplayer (apart from custom games aka “Use Map Settings” in the original starcraft) since long before heart of the swarm came out, but I fired up my sc2 the other day when the protoss prologue missions became publicly available. They were pretty cool.

Loved playing SC2 on my crummy Mac back in 2008-9. Took one or two breaths of air in Diamond with Zerg before daughter was born and SC2 career was over. Computer also sucked. Good times.


I will most definitely be playing. I’ve been out of practice for a year now… APM graph might make me depressed… but I will be trying to make my way up through the ranks.

I haven’t played much since HotS, but I’ve preordered LotV. Playing the intro missions on hard showed me just how much my skills have atrophied. Archon mode sounds like a blast, though, and I’m definitely looking forward to the final release.

Before I found netrunner I played Starcraft, for almost fifteen years. I played Diamond (Terran) in WoL but just got too busy to play much ladder during HotS. I am so hyped for LotV and for seeing the story finally come to a conclusion.

I actually won an online contest from following White-Ra on Facebook, and won a signed gaming backlit mouse/keyboard/mousepad/headset, so I’ll get to look legit when I get my copy :smiley:


i played a lot of brood war, almost made random GM in WoL, but i got busier with other games and wasn’t enjoying learning/watching HotS as much

it conveniently comes out right after worlds, so i’m sure i’ll be playing a ton


Many Blizz RTS players here!

Master protoss at WoL, stopped at HoTs, since I had no time to play (fucking netrunner…). Keep on touch with the SC2 scene since it’s pretty nice to watch tourneys and stuff. Also played a lot W3 and SC:BW too. Happy to see ppl connected to those games here :smiley:

I vote Enhanced Login Protoss for the witty pun!

Second vote goes to Chronos Protoss - Selective Zerg Mapping …

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What exactly is Archon mode?

In Archon mode two players take control over a single army and battle against an enemy duo.


Rank 1 Diamond zerg/terran for SC2. Got out before HotS.

I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm recently, which makes the HotS VS HotS acronym game a strange one.

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I used to play SC2 but I find executing build orders to be so boring I had a hard time making it past the opening. Pressing ‘build probe’ every 17 seconds is worse than watching paint dry for me.

So the Archon mode sounds interesting as I could let my partner do the boring stuff of building workers and just do fights.

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With the division of micro/macro, combined with the higher worker count at the start of a match, things start getting interesting very quickly in LotV Archon mode games.:smile:

I played virtually no sc2. Got some in shortly after release but just thought brood war was better so stuck with that.

Has the game play improved in the many years since I’ve abandoned it?

That’d depend on what your complaints were with the gameplay in SC2.:smile:

Battles are still very quick, compared to Brood War, in my opinion. There’s been some movement away from the "max out with a deathball army and 1A to win. Not sure if that answers the question?