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Started Playing - Which cards to get

Hey Guys. I know this question has probably been asked a bit, but there are a few things I want to know because of options I have.

What I currently have is 2 core sets. (I think for now I am happy with this, will explore which cards I need a third of now and buy them as singles.)

After playing some games I like Jinteki and Anarch, So I ordered Honor and Profit and Order and Chaos. These are what I plan on having. I will then probably get the other two deluxe expansions, they seem like the best bet.

I was going to get started with this, as I know that these cards are evergreen and wont rotate out. Only problem I have is I have a friend who has spare unopened data packs he’s selling for a good price. I am just not sure about buyiong them because I know these rotate out. (not too sure when and how fast!). All of the packs he is selling are from Genesis and Spin.

My question is. Do you guys think it is worth getting them? When will cards from genesis and Spin cycle out?

Getting into the game is pricey and I think it wouldnt be worth buying a whole bunch of cards that I will only use for a couple months.

What would you think the best approach would be if I wanted to start playing seriously in tournaments around new years?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

The next rotation happens with the printing of the 7th cycle. We’ve just got the first pack of the 6th cycle, so 7th cycle looks to start sometime February/March 2017.

I can’t remember if the 1st cycle (genesis) or the 1st and 2nd rotate when the 7th cycle comes out.

Either way, if your friend is selling Opening Moves, then yes, get that one.

And if you want to start seriously playing at tournaments come new years, we’ll still be in the 1st-6th cycle rotation so getting Genesis/Spin packs are fine.

Specific packs to look for? The packs that have Sundew, RP, and Shock in them. (I think Shock wasn’t H&P…?) What Lies Ahead (Genesis) is always a classic because of Plascrete and the Agendas for all factions.

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Thanks a lot crushU for the info.

Another quick question. My local shop have a draft pack for corp and runner. Selling them for 15euro each. Is there anything in them worth picking up for my collection?

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Draft packs are really only worth it if you plan on Drafting. If you’re trying to get cards for a collection, buying the datapacks themselves is a much better way to go.

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Thanks again buddy.

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That gives you plenty of time, The first peg of rotation will remove both the Genesis and Spin Cycles (you can read more here) around that time, so if you don’t want to “waste” money you’ll want to skip those.

What I did when I bought in was to buy two datapacks each time one launched (at that time it was about once per month, but it seems to have accelerated a bit). That way you get the new cards everyone is excited about, as well as an old pack to backfill your collection. It’s easier on the wallet than buying everything at once, and you get to learn the cards more slowly.

The Know the Meta buyer’s guide is a great resource - it breaks down which cards are the most popular in the current tournament decks by faction, ID, and datapack.


I read on here that all the cards with exclamation points are good so I’d start with those


A more pragmatic reply is to suggest you just build decks online as if you had all the cards. Then buy the packs that rotate out within an acceptable time frame to complete them, or buy the packs that cover the most ground.

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Thanks for the links tips and info hbars.

The collector in me finds it hard not to splash out and buy them. I’m thinking of cashing in on my game of thrones cards to make the switch!

Nice idea about how to build up the collection. Card overload can be difficult to navigate!

Thanks Eric :slight_smile:

The only thing about playing online is that I find it very hard to enjoy playing games online, I can only bear playing face to face if im being hoenst.

A good start if you want to get playing in tournaments would be to get the Champion Decks (especially the corp deck) from last years worlds (if they ever come out). Lots of solid cards, many of which won’t be rotating and those that are will largely end up staples in whatever ‘vintage’ format people decide to put together.

Other than that, get what’s fun. The new cycle looks really cool and had a really solid start, San-San was also great, but Mumbad has quite a few ‘wierder’ or more comboey cards, especially for corps, so I’d wait to see if you wan’t them for something specific. (imho)

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Nope, eighth. Everyone seems to get this wrong!


all of them! except Cycles 1 and 2 probably no point.

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As MightyToenail said, rotation happens when the eighth cycle is released, which will probably be about a year from now.

Outside tournaments, most people don’t care if you have a few proxies in your deck. So they’re a good way to experiment with cards that you’re not sure you want to buy yet.

I’d suggest you add up the cost of all the core-set cards you want a third copy of before you buy any. It may well be cheaper to buy a third core set.

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I guess if it’s around a year they are worth getting!

You honestly don’t need all of them though. If you have friends going to the same tournaments as you, you’ll be able to borrow cards from them if you’re missing some. Opening Moves is a good one to get regardless, though. Then you can see what cards are in which packs and buy the ones you seem to be using most, proxy others for casual play.

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So if you don’t care about rotation (it’s still quite a ways away), What Lies Ahead (the first datapack) is a great pick-up. The cards are so standard and so many of them are playable that people often forget they are not in the core set!

Some power packs from early on are Opening Moves, Future Proof, Double Time, and Cyber Exodus. Most importantly, these packs give you what you need to have a great Agenda suite in whatever Corp you want to play (by FAR the weakest aspect of the Corp decks in the Core). After playing with these cards for a while, decide which factions you like on each side and buy their Deluxe expansion (if you’re clever about your choices you will only have to buy one!)

From this point just head to your shop whenever you want something new and scan some packs and buy the ones that have cards that look like they’d go well in your decks (you can also browse online, but it’s better to support your FLGS!).

Enjoy the game!


Yeah, I’m well used to proxying cards from previous games to see if I wanted them, in particular with ccg’s. Will look at opening moves. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Loads of great info here! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Sadly where I live we don’t really have any shop in our city that stock cards consistently, so I don’t get to peruse and impulse buy cards :frowning:

yeah I don’t play online either. There are some great deck building websites on the interwebs though