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Starting an online group

Hello everyone, my name is André and I come from Brazil. Sorry for the enormous post, I’ll do a TL, DR version at the end. I’m starting this topic cause lately I have been kinda unmotivaded by the game, but I came to the conclusion that it’s mostly because of the game comunity around here. Not the game itself since I try reading everything on this forum on a daily basis.

I started playing when Creation and Control came out. A friend showed me the game and I was immediatly hooked. I bought it the same night and 1 month later I was playing it and reading BGG a lot. After some time I found this site an abandoned BGG. At the time, only my friend and I played and it was ok since we were both pretty casual about it. A month or two later he stopped playing cause he thought I was getting too hooked and he wasn’t being able to win/enjoy the game anymore. It was then that I started playing on OCTGN, which was my only option left.

A few months later, Galapagos games, the company that has the rights to FFG games in Brazil announced they planned on releasing the game next year. That made a few of my friends started playing, some random people saw us playing and soon we had a small community, even my first friend came back. I organized a few tournaments and everyone was having fun, we played on a weekly basis and it was awesome.

We tried getting Game Night Kits, Regional kit and dreamed of making a brazilian Nationals but everytime we tried getting Galapagos to help us get the kits or the material, they refused to help and said they would only get the kits and stuff once they released the game. Which was kind of a bummer, but we kept on playing.

September last year, there was a geek convention and galapagos was there to present their new games and such. Among them was X-wing, but the so promised Netrunner wasn’t among them and they soon announced they would not be releasing it or giving the game any support. Which was very heartbreaking for our community, without their support the game wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t have tournaments and we didn’t even have the chance to raise money to buy the kits from FFG since they are only allowed to deal with Galapagos.

That of course made a few my friends stop playing and with the rising price of the dollar importing the game soon became very expensive and our comunnity was dead very fast.

Right now, there are three more people around here that still play,but now we meet montly, not weekly. Decks are mostly netdecked, and it’s just not that fun anymore. We don’t discuss cards anymore, we don’t try to help each other build different decks, we don’t discuss spoilers or future releases, the game has become very soulless, very mechanic, which is why the reason I’m making this post.

Is there people around here with the same situation? That really love playing, building, discussing the game but have no live community and mostly lurk around the foruns/play on OCTGN? Is there any interest in building an online group?
I get that stimhack is a commnity but the discussion here only go so far, nothing beats the feeling of building/testing decks with a few friends, discussing cards in a more casual way… I miss the feeling of a small group of friends playing this awesome game and I’d like to get it back.

I was thinking of something along the lines of a Facebook or Skype group, where we can set up matches, discuss our latest deck iteration, help each other building better decks, everything small groups do, except we’d do it online. If anyone around here has any interest in this, maybe cause they live in a far away place such as myself or cause they don’t play as much in real life as they’d like let’s discuss here if there’s something we could do. I really don’t want to stop playing this game cause it’s the best game I’ve ever played.

TL, DR; The game as died around here, trying to build an online group to replace the one I had cause that’s what makes this game even more awesome, if you’re interested say something!

[Sorry about any english mistakes, it’s not my first language]


Sounds like the Stimhack OCTGN League would be great for you.

Also loved the voice communication over mumble during SSCI, we really should try and integrate that with the SHL


Starting a mumble server and/or skype call list would really be awesome for SHL. I always enjoy playing more on OCTGN with someone to talk to, and I think it would be a great way to make things more personal for people who are in netrunner-desolate locations who want to keep the flame alive.


Or a teamspeak server for Stimhackers?

I maintained a Ventrilo server for OCTGN Netrunner use for awhile, I just cancelled it (it expires tomorrow) because nobody used it. I can re-up if people actually want to use it.

Part of the problem with voice comms is, there’s so many options and everyone has their favorite (Mumble Woo Hoo!!!..ahem, sorry). Each has to be configured differently and has their own set of particular issues. Often times I’d rather play voiceless than have to deal with me installing TS or walking them through debugging Mumble.

At this point, it might be easiest to just say Google Hangout, it’s cross-platform and browser-based.


It’s not the competitive aspect that I miss, it’s mostly the community aspect, discussing decklists, building and testing decks together, the league is good for testing decks but you play at most 2, or 3 times with the same person.

Yes, a Skype call list is what I had I mind. If anyone is interested let me know here or add me on skype: andremodtko.

You could also try starting a Netrunner Slack team. It’s basically IRC with revamped GUI and some nice extras. They market it as a project management solution for companies, but the free version works just fine for building a little online community.

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I think it’s a great idea, run with! Pick a name, choose a technology, organize some “meets”, start a thread, and you are off and running. You can count me in. I think it would be cool to even organize some non-invitational, casual, online tournaments.

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@Andremodt, you mind if I make this official? I could make a thread that says, like “Official Stimhack OCTGN Skype Chat” and have everyone post their Skype usernames to be added to a chat channel for finding pickup games with other people who want to Skype while the play?


This looks really cool! I’ll start building something and post it when it’s ready so that everyone who wants to join is able to join.

Yeah, some casual tournament would be very fun! I’ll do that.

I don’t mind at all, especially since that will give it a lot more visibility! And I’ll be able to enjoy the game again! Just don’t forget to add me :smiley: andremodtko

Thanks a lot for the support guys!

This sounds wonderful, I went ahead and added you on Skype. Looking forward to the OCTGN Stimhack League thing as well.

I’ve used the page that Kim sent and it looks awesome, anyone who’s looking for the community experience send me a private message with an e-mail adress and I’ll add you to the slack page. It looks really nice smiley

Seems like a similar thread to: Online Playgroup

If this one becomes official, the other one should probably be closed to avoid confusion.

I didn’t close the old topic because it’s like 100 years old. Just don’t necro it.

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