State of the Meta July 30, 2017

It has been a busy summer with some of the big events still to come.

Over the weekend, the meta at the various regional tournaments was fairly diverse.

What do people see as the top decks on each side right now? What other observations do you have about the meta?


Well, I was at my first Regional two days ago.

I was surprised that there were only two Moons decks. Of course they both made top cut. I think Netrunner players are all hipsters who want to do their own cool obscure thing that no one knows about–hence why we’re playing Netrunner in the first place.

IG and CI-7 are very good right now, a CI-7 made top cut. But in the middle tables there was a WHOLE lot of Weyland, like, all different kinds of Weyland. I nearly made top cut with Core Set Weyland, and there was some Builder of Nations, Gagarin, etc. On the Runner side, it was evenly split between Andromeda, Pre-paid Kate, and Maxx DLR, though a Kit Inversificator deck made top cut.

My regional is in a couple weeks, and I’m trying to get a sense of whether Moons is popular or not. It’s definitely still powerful, and cemented the fact that I should not take my Los brew (still needs refining…) but I’m up in the air as to what I’ll actually take.

I feel like CI-7 is still a very strong deck, but I’m morally opposed to it, so I’ll need to find something else. :wink: In trying to decide whether Moons is popular or not, I’m also trying to decide if anti-Moons Runners will be popular or not…