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State of the Meta post-Worlds 2020

Now that Worlds has ended and we are all waiting for the huge shake up that will come when System Gateway and System Update come out, let’s look at the state of the meta at the end of 2020.

Know the Meta gives us this helpful break down.

I notice a few things looking at this summary.

First, Corp is favored - nearing 60% win rate. The top decks by win rate are CtM (62.5%), Asa (61.9%), and PE (60.5%). Interestingly, Sportsmetal, which won Worlds is the lowest win-rate deck among listed Corps.

Second, Val was the only Runner deck to break 50% and the three most-played Runners were all under 48% - Hayley (46.7%), Hoshiko (42.5%), Leela (40%). The poor performance for Leela stands out as it was by a significant margin the most played Runner deck.

I’ve heard some players say that data such of this is not useful since at the top-level of play these things do not hold. I believe The ShadowNet podcast said prior to Worlds that Runner was actually favored over Corp at the top level. I’m not sure if stats in the Worlds top cut confirm of refute the claim.

What do you think of the meta at the close of 2020?

Are there things in this data that you think point to problems or changes that need to come as the card pool changes in the next few months?


I haven’t played for ages, but I’m interested to hear where the game is. Would you mind posting a couple links to coverage so I can get caught up?

Here is the Project Nisei YouTube page. That would be the best place to start for coverage:


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