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Stimhack.com category suggestion

On the Reddit earlier today, a new player asked for advice for improving their play, and I thought it might be helpful to point them towards the “New Players” category on stimhack.com. But then I actually looked at the category, and I didn’t do that, because it’s a mix of “how to improve as a new player” (which is what I wanted to link to) and “how to teach Netrunner to people” (which is not what I wanted at all).

I’d like to suggest that these two topics be separated into two different categories, perhaps named “New Players” and “Teaching Netrunner.”

I’d also like to suggest that Noah McKee’s “The Two Year Turn: How I Learned Netrunner” might be a good addition to the “New Players” category. And also Elusive’s The Skills of Netrunner series, though perhaps that’s more intermediate. And maybe the teaching league episode of Mull or Keep.


I think @SneakySly is the only person who can edit those categories - the forum accounts and wordpress accounts have separate permissions. Meantime, I would just link the articles you like individually.