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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


Not sure if there is a better place for this, but just wanted to mention an online format that I just played, which I thought worked pretty well.

The plan was 2 2-hour online sessions:

  • Session 1: 6 people draft on meteor.stimhack.com (we used @TheBigBoy 's lists/rules ), play your first round of swiss. Extensive trash-talking and self-deprecation on google hangouts accompanies.
  • Session 2: rounds 2 and 3

We ended up starting the draft late (and I messed up the runner packs), so we didn’t get to round 1 the first night and people just scheduled it when they could fit it in. I’ve drafted a couple of times before, and most of the joy comes from the draft itself and the first few games. This struck a reasonable balance in terms of not being impossible to coordinate schedules and not dragging on for too long, and not being too painful if you goof up in the draft and have one (or in my case, two) very bad decks.

Congrats to @BizTheDad for winning, btw :slight_smile:


Just played a bit on jinteki with this Rosenheim City cube. 3 players and 3 bots. Two first time cubers and I haven’t played anything in a year or so. The draft went good. Seemed to be a good balance of cards. There was plenty of tagging stuff for the corp and I noticed a lot of virus matters cards for the runner, but I didn’t really go for it since I’m so rusty. We only played 3 games so we didn’t even see all the decks play. The only thing that seemed off was melange mining corp. I think the corp probably does need stronger default options than the runner because their decks have 4 more cards, but this was feeling awfully powerful. I think in all three games, the corp was able to play it early and money up while the runner had to dig for an icebreaker to try and trash the thing. I think the old private contracts was a little too bad, but this one feels too good.


Hey! Thanks for letting me know! And for the feedback. Yeah in out two tries Corps defo won a lot more than they used to using the stimhack cube. Melange can be very good yeah. There were a lot of other suggestions of “mediocre” economic cards on my Netrunner Dorks post. If you can find it try some of that suggestions or yeah use what you feel fits best!

Really awesome that you tried the cube and seem to have enjoyed it too overall!


I ve updated the RCG modern Cube to RnR:



Are the lists for the Stimhack Cube to RnR available somewhere?

Cheers, and always be running.



Right in the feelings…