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Stimhack Handle - Call By Name - Real Name?

Do we have a thread for name translation already? It’s been a bit confusing on Jinteki.net recently - I imagine OCTGN has similar problems?

I’m evilgaz on both, and Gaz in real life. Just played a ff0x, but don’t think he’s the @ff0x from here or he wouldn’t have been so ragequity. The Cerberus on there isn’t Hoyland, and there’s a Zach that’s not our Zach. I know in the Stimhack League we’ve got some people who are different on the challenge board than their user name. It’s all very confusing.

Any listage anywhere? Feel free to move the thread if it’s in the wrong place!

I am ff0X::1 on jinteki.net. No idea who is using my nickname nor why and I don’t find it even remotely funny…

I put my nicknames in the name tab of my profile here, to clarify things.


The fact that a bunch of people have taken verified, netrunner-famous names is basically not in any way ok. Maybe ask @mtgred to remove them if you’re an established player (I realise that people can think of all sorts of edge cases - after all, cerberus is the name of some cards!) - but I think that when someone’s octgn handle, stimhack handle and others are the same then maybe we should remove the abusers. ORRRRRR - we could do something like twitter, so on your J.net account it would say 'verified handle of u/groober on stimhack.som ’ - and maybe it would say ‘not @ff0x’ on the impersonator’s.


He was playing like a lemon, so I assumed it was you, but there’s just no telling. :wink:


Cerberus watched a game I was in the other day. I don’t think he/she had any idea what I was talking about when we greeted them as ‘hi Dave’.


Clearly the best name on jinteki is “Dandargenioswifebeater”


I actually saw @mediohxcore playing a game against DanDargeniosWifeBeater on Jinteki.net. Come to think of it, it might not have been dan because that’s the only time I have seen him on Jinteki.

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Is this really a thing? My nerd sensors are raging.

If you are trying to impersonate someone that is even vaguely internet famous, you are a



I mean they might think it’s a cool nickname and not know someone else uses it. Occam’s razor and all that.


Maybe, but its not like we’re a massive community. I took steps to unify my name across the board for netrunner so this doesn’t happen. I wonder about the people on Jinteki sometimes, never had a problem with an SHL game, but you get some people who take a really toxic attitude into the game.

Cerberus or Zach make sense to Occam to coincidence, but ff0x or something is more likely to be an impersonator or perhaps a young and/or misguided fan.

Impersonation of celebrities in general seems kind of sick. Impersonation of people famous in a community this size seems almost malicious. I’m not saying that whoever is running around under someone else’s handle is doing it maliciously. It just feels that way until I hear an explanation.

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Alright lads, it’s not Single White Female up in here, let’s not get carried away. :wink:


I suppose I’m fortunate enough to have a unified name even though I didn’t really try for it, it just worked out that way. I’m “TheRedArmy” on Stimhack, Slack, Jinteki, OCTGN, and Challenge Boards.My backup is almost never taken wherever I go, so it’s not a big deal if TRA is taken ahead of time.

I doubt something like “Cerberus” is taken maliciously, since it’s not only a card in NR, but also a thing outside of NR itself. But it does seem odd that something like ff0x would be taken, unless it means something that I’m not aware of.

The long version ff0X::1 is the shorthand for the IPv6 multicast to all network nodes. I have my doubts that anyone else is as mad as me to try and make a nickname out of that. :wink:


And I’ve found someone else using the handle, too!


The only places that mendax was taken before I got there were twitch, reddit & twitter. None of these are very important to me.

You guys should follow my multistep guide to securing your name across the board:

  1. pick a name that is a hilarious pun; one that will never ever ever get old even if you overuse it

  2. don’t win anything important, thereby avoiding the internet fame that leads to name theft


That’s only because the only identity you play at any major tournament is Kit, right?

O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

Name universality on the internet, where you can guarantee no such thing, is not really important. The faux rage about “they’re steel’n ar names!” is a bit trite… pick something else and move on?

I think @ff0x’s idea of the nicknames in the profile is decent.

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There is a guy on jinteki that just started showing up named “4leaf” who isn’t me.