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Stimhack League 6 Finals - Nov 20 (back up date Nov 22) - See inside for details!

Hey hey hey!

We are going to stream the Stimhack League 6 Finals this weekend!

Where can I find this? - On my Twitch.tv Page! (Http://www.twitch.tv/saetzero)

Timeframe? - Friday Nov 20. Starting at 6pm Eastern (aka, EST, aka GMT -5).

Back up plan? - If we can’t get a match together, we will try again on Sunday, Nov 22. Starting at 8am Eastern (aka EST, aka GMT -5)

Back up the back up? - I’ll figure it out when we get there, if it’s needed… I hope this is not the case.

Detailed Schedule…

Nov 20, 6pm EST - @RTsa vs @Matuszczak
Nov 20, 7:30pm EST - @erinrockabitch vs @TheBigBoy
Nov 20, Whenever both matches are finished - Grand Finals.

Any matches that lack both attendants, we will do on Sunday Morning instead. Everything will be archived on my Twitch page, and I will do my best to have them on Youtube shortly as well.

Format - Best of 3. A standard full set will be played. If the score is split, a third game will be played, with the higher seeded player choosing their side for the final game.

Time per round - Untimed. These are estimate start times. I will let matches go as long as they need, within reason. If a set finished really early, I will wait for the posted times though.

What are the seeds going in? - Check it out right here! (http://i.imgur.com/79OdwPi.png)

Set legality - Up to and including Data and Destiny.

Will decklists be posted after this is over? - I will try to get them posted, as long as the user is allowing them to be posted. I will allow privacy if they prefer it though. I will do my best!

Hope to see you guys there, or at least that you are excited for the VODs if you can’t make it in person!



All the info is posted up here. Try to PM decklists when you can, or I will just ask you to before you start your games.

@bahram I have read. I presume that I can’t match the first round ( :sob: ) Will they be commentated on?

I will try to get someone to help me out with that, otherwise I will fly solo for some commentary. I will do something for the crowd!

And yea, your opponent was on a tighter timeframe to get online, so I am giving him time to get there and relax without being crazy rushed.

No worries about that, it gives me more to second guess myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some familiar names and some new ones. Good luck guys!

Bahram: great job!

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Go @Matuszczak You will need the luck to fight the sleep deprivation ;).

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Will be great to watch this, even though the time is kind of off for Europeans, even though (at least) two of the players are European(?)

We discussed times in a private chat.

It was a minor thing to do friday night. Someone would have to cancel something entirely for sunday. Saturday is out of the question for someone. Someone had commits pretty much every weekend besides this one for the foreseeable future.

This is the best solution we can manage if we wanna do the finals before Christmas.

I get the concern, but it was considered. <3

If I win, we´ll be playing the final on Sunday. 4am is insane even for me :wink:


Understandable. And agreeable imo.


Oh, really sorry, I forgot to put a :wink: in there.

I did not think that you actually set a time without discussing it with the players. My comment was more meaning that the hours are weird for Europeans to volunteer to and that they are very co-operative, to the European viewers’ detriment :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can help out if you still need a Phil Simms to your Jim Nantz.

I think The Goodly Champ Dan is gonna be around, but if not I’ll keep in mind :3

Hopefully you can do better than Phil Simms :wink:

Stream starting in one hour!