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Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 11: Starts January 19th

Welcome to the information thread for the 11th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh (SOCR-11) tournament!

The goal of this post is for it to present you with all the information you need to participate in the tournament.

Firstly, what is SOCR?

SOCR is an online tournament with modified deckbuilding rules. The format is based on the Cache Refresh format, which was a format where each player got 1 Big Box, 1 Core Set, Terminal Directive, and the two latest cycles with which to build their decks.

Unlike most tournaments, which take up an entire day, the SOCR tournament takes place over the course of a month and a half. Each week, players are assigned an opponent and you have a week to schedule and play a match with them. After 5-6 rounds of this, the players who did the very best are paired against each other for a final cut to determine the winner.

What is the format for SOCR-11?

We’ve had two exciting updates from NISEI that we are going to incorporate into this tournament:

  • The rotation of Creation and Control
  • The release of the second half of the Ashes cycle: Uprising

In order to best reflect these changes, decks in SOCR-11 will be using the following deckbuilding rules:

Each deck must contain only:

  1. Cards from System Core 2019
  2. Cards from a single Deluxe Expansion (Big Box), except Creation and Control. Unlike previous tournaments, this includes Reign and Reverie. In other words, for each deck, players can include cards from one of these four options:
  1. Cards from the latest two cycles:
  1. Cards from the Magnum Opus champions pack

Additionally, decks are required to follow all MWL rules for deck construction.

How do I participate?

Sign-ups will be available soon. When registering, people will choose an identity and a big box for both Corp and Runner. Players are locked into those identities and big boxes for the remainder of the tournament.


Fantastic news! Will the ID choice have to be tied to the card pool/big box? Eg, can I only choose Ken Tenma if honor and profit is my big box? Can I play Omar at all?
Can I assume corps can choose different boxes from the runner?

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Yes, ID choice is tied to big box selection. No, Omar can’t be played at all. (IDs that aren’t in the pool can’t even be chosen as DJ Fenris targets.) Yes, corp and runner can be on different big boxes. Happy for you to join us!


Great news !
Thanks for organizing this again !

You should announce it on fb and reddit as well :wink:

Registration is live:

Register yourself here:

Register your big box and identities here:

Pairings for round 1 are up:


Please contact your opponent as soon as you can to let them know your availability this week. The goal is to get these games in by next Sunday.

If you expect the two of you are going to have your game close to that deadline, let me know.

If you expect the two of you aren’t going to be able to play, or you don’t hear from your opponent, let me know.

Good luck!

Oh, and report match results here:


Hi Sanjay, I see that the tournament has already started but I would really like to participate if still in any way possible. Perhaps I could take someone’s place in case they drop out, or join the second round with a bye for the first?



Would love to add you to round 2 of the tournament. Sign up for Slack and fill out the forms, and I can add you.

New pairings are up:


One thing:

You ought to be able to see your opponent’s IDs here: http://cobr.ai/tournaments/1490/players/standings.

Please confirm with them that what you see on Cobr.ai is accurate, both for yourself and for your opponent. Let me know if there are any discrepancies.