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Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 4 begins January 15

Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 4 will begin Monday, January 15.

With the Kitara cycle now underway, it is time for a new Cache Refresh tournament.

Did I hear there would be prize support?
Yes, you did. @Sanjay has agreed to do commission alt-art cards for the winner of SOCR 4 and the player whose decks are voted most creative by the rest of the players at the end of the event. I’m really pleased to have Sanjay contribute his wonderful skills to this event again.

How will the tournament work?
This will be an online version of a regular FFG tournament with 4-6 weeks of Swiss pairings followed by a single elimination top cut. The number of Swiss rounds and the size of the top cut will be decided by regular FFG tournament guidelines for relaxed events. The top cut will be played in a best 2-of-3 games format.

Each Sunday night starting January 14, the tournament organizer will post pairings. Players will need to arrange games during the week and report results by the following Sunday. In other words, you will play one game per week.

Scoring will be standard with 3 points for a win. Players may not ID or two-for-one.

Policy Regarding Scheduling Conflicts
Pairings will be posted before midnight Eastern Time each week. Players should contact each other on Monday to arrange a time to play before the reporting deadline. (Remember, you will both Corp and Run.) If a player does not respond to initial attempts to contact within 24 hours, they will forfeit the games for the week. (I’ll need documentation of attempts to contact.)

If players cannot reach a mutually agreeable time to play despite sincere attempts on both ends, then I will enter the results as a 3-3 tie unless one player agrees to concede the match to the other.

If problems with Jinteki or other connection issues disrupt a game. Start over.

If problems with Jinteki or other connection issues prevent the conclusion of a match before the deadline, it will be entered as a 3-3 split unless one player concedes the match to the other.

Will we be using the Cache Refresh bidding system?

Each week you will play both Corp and Runner.

How do I join?
Sign up here before January 14.

To sign up, you will need a Slack account. That is the best way to arrange games. If you do not provide a Slack username, your entry will be invalid. If you do not have a Slack account, you can use this link.

The Slack channel for this tournament is #cache_refresh_tourney.

This tournament is also listed on Always Be Running, where you can register and later link your deck lists.

What are the deck building rules?
We will use standard Cache Refresh deck building rules. At the start of the tournament you will select an ID for each side (runner/Corp). The card pool for your decks come from the following:

1 Revised Core Set (Core Set 2.0)
1 Terminal Directive
1 Big Box (this may be different for Runner and Corp)
The last two cycles of data packs (Red Sands & Kitara)

You may change the cards in your deck between weeks, but you cannot change your card pool. You must use the same big box for the whole tournament.

Cards are legal for the tournament when they hit their retail street date and are available on Jinteki.net.

Where can I post my match results?
Use this Google Form to report the results of you games. Only one player needs to submit match results each week.

How can I follow the tournament?
The pairings and standings can be found on the online tournament page.

If you have any questions, please post here or over in the Slack channel.

Good luck and have fun.


Can your ID be from any set, or does it need to be from your card pool?

The ID must come from your cardpool, so if you want to play MaXx, for instance, you have to use Order and Chaos as your big box.

Ok, thanks! (Though now my NEXT deck idea is very sad.)

What about the MWL? Do we need to abide by the restricted/removed list?

Yes. MWL is in effect.

New Year. New Cache Refresh.

Plenty of time to sign up still.



I actually had 2 entries but one was without Slack account cuz i misclicked…
Kindly ignore that one xD

Anyway, greetings all the way from Malaysia here !


20 players signed up.

Still time for you to join in.

I missed the core only tournament sign up. Would this tournament be new player friendly also? Or should I wait for a different one? Thanks!

I’d like to think the tournament is beginner friendly.

Cache Refresh is a bit of a larger card pool than a core only tournament, but you are still working with a smaller card pool than all the cards that have ever been printed. That can be nice.

The tournament has built up a warm community around it, and many of the experienced players participating in the tournament are energized about helping new players.

I think the ability to change your deck between rounds is very beginner friendly (and is also friendly to me, a non-beginner who nonetheless makes a lot of questionable deckbuilding decisions). Once the tournament begins you are locked into the specific ID and big box you chose though.

The tournament isn’t specifically oriented toward new players, but I do think you’ll have fun with us.

P.S. Sorry if this was more a question aimed towards @FightingWalloon!


I agree with everything @sanjay wrote.

Players in CR are very friendly and supportive with conversation about deck ideas and help for newer players. Just let people know that, and you will have a great opportunity to learn.

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Awesome thanks guys! I’ll get registered and give it a shot!


Make sure to join Slack and the #cache_refresh_tourney Slack channel. That is the best place to talk CR.

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That is pretty darn good. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a fair number waiting in the wings in the hope that spoilers for Down the White Nile to show up before they have to pick an ID, too!

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I would also add that even though the core only tournament sign up has ended, you’re still welcome to join the teaching_league Slack channel and get some practice games in. Some players will look for practice games from time to time and will appreciate more opportunities to test their ideas and refine their play while also helping you to improve as well.

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Here are the pairings for Round 1 of SOCR 4.


Report all results by 5 p.m. EST on Sunday, January 21.

Good luck and have fun!

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Here’s my round 1 matchup against Mbzrl. Don’t forget to check the ABR page for more videos!



Results of all games due by 5 p.m. EST on Sunday, Jan. 28.

Good luck and have fun!



Results of all games are due by 5 p.m. EST on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Good luck and have fun!



Results of all games due by 5 p.m. EST on Sunday, Feb. 11.