[Store Champ advert!] - 3/20 - Trotta's Hobbies in Barnegat, NJ. See the Chameleons home in person! <3

Netrunner Store Champ season is near it’s end… sigh…



We got you covered! #JERSEYBOYS

Link for info, written by someone who runs the shop, not by a dingus like me :brule: - (Trotta’s Facebook link)

The TLDR. (written in a silly way. read the facebook post for a normal sheet of info)

Where? Barnegat, NJ. The link has an addy for you. <3 Also a phone number! It’s like 1 minute off the GSP!

When? 3/20/16, aka this Dunsday (Sunday)

Time? Well… 11am to register, 12pm (aka noon) is when play starts, and anytime after is when you get to hear my child-like innocence about the meta. #Faustisonlyamyth #Chameleonsforever

Entry fee? 10 bucks.

Prizes, rizes, pra-rizes? - (Note: couldn’t find a link to the Zim hot reference I wanted in ten seconds, so have a hot link from the same episode. You either know what I mean or you can burn in hell. (Zim Poop Dog hot reference?) (Hot Simpsons Bonestorm Reference) )

Ahem… prizes… The Store Champ kit, which is… aka Leela Box (top 8), Leela Mat (top 4), Alt Art Jackson Howard (Participation prize! Top 32 get one!) plus Regional bye (top 1?) and a plaque and stuff. The usual.

Beyond the kit? Store credit. Buy sweet board games and shit. (Top high enough to get store credit) And dependent on entries, maybe a raffled ‘World of Android’ book? #LorePrizes? (Top raffle ticket to get the book?)

Who knows… We’ll see. Maybe even more than that? :wink:

Bring something wild for maximum chance at prizes!

Format? Depends on entrants. Some swiss, some cut, some pizza down the plaza… it’s not like you guys never played in a tournament before. It’ll be fun, just show up :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes. There will be swiss, there will be a cut. I don’t care how many entrants, you WILL get a cut.

Any questions? Direct at me. :smiley: I am your lovely T.O. this time around!



And if you do come, please bring enough people to make the number of entrants odd so we can force this nerd to play his garbage.

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Reminder this is today!