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[Store Championship] - Saturday 7 March 2015 - (Halifax, NS)

This will be in the executive suite of the Board Room Game Cafe, a fine venue that serves food/coffee/beer and other oddities for your gaming pleasure. Their address/contact info is as follows:

1256 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1Y5
(902) 423-7545

Standard tournament rules apply. (expect 3-4 rounds of swiss followed by a cut pending how many people show up)

Full legal Cardpool.

Admission - 5$.

Players should aim to arrive by 11:30am on Saturday, March 7th, with the first round of play beginning at 12 Noon.

There will be a film crew from the Northern Gaming Network to record feature matches and/or the top table and do post production work on it for YouTube/Netrunner channel glory. We are pretty pumped to have them come over, considering that it is a long drive for them.

If you do not want to be on film, you can discretely message me, or just tell me in person (or post here, whatever you feel comfortable with) and I’ll ensure that you won’t be in such a position.