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Store Championships 2016/2017

Time to order kits till May 17th, standard prizes + additionally 2 copies of Worlds promo to be given out at Worlds Celebration event on first weekend of November. Kits available for Netrunner, Conquest and AGoT2.


Holy Shit, so after Worlds the new SC season will start again? Fingers crossed the new cycle will have started then.

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Oh, that’s right, had forgotten about the new calendar. So Store Champs next time will run from November '16 through Feb '17, March and April will be downtime (time for running smaller stuff via kits), and then Regionals would start up in May through August.

I like this better than this year’s SC season going straight into regionals. As others have pointed out, I was feeling pretty burnt at the end of SCs, only to have my regional champ 2 weeks after my last SC.