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Strategy Article: You don't understand Caprice

I wrote a very long article on Caprice, and how to beat her. I think many players struggle with the card so I hope it’s helpful. Here it is:

Netrunner: You don’t understand Caprice

I hope this can help you out, specially if you are a less experienced player. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, though given the article is three thousand words long, I hope I’ve got you covered.

Anyways, I just hope you find this useful!


I consider myself bad at Psi games. And your article help me realize that it’s my fault, in the best way.

I know there’s strategy to it (and you had a great explanation) but when I see her face, I lose my cool and my mind runs away. Even though I’m generally level-headed, Caprice can make me lose my cool.

My biggest takeaway from the article is to calm down, stop freaking out, and think. It’s not random chance.


I’m known on jinteki as the amazing psi master, so your article title is slightly inaccurate.


I just cant bring myself to slot caprice anymore now polop is a card. Good article though! Very thorough and covers all the cases well.

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Batty and Caprice!

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As well as the “relative richness” optimal plays, I think an additional thing to remember is that it gets very interesting around the three, four, five, six credit kind of area for the Corp. Pay careful attention to the exact board state.

If the Corp has played install, advance, advance last turn and now has three credits for a psi game, bidding anything but zero means that they can’t advance out the agenda next turn if it was indeed a 5/3 and not an ambush.

Did you think that facedown card protecting HQ was Lotus Field? If the Corp has six credits, then bidding two is a massive difference to any other bid if you are correct.

Five credits for the Corp and a psi game coming up? A bid of two would turn off Snare! potential for the rest of the turn.

These are the sorts of things that quickly become very apparent when you are playing the Corp side, as you suggest.


It’s an interesting timing to be talking about caprice and not 1/3 asset spam, though it is a good article.

I’m really glad my article helped you see it that way. I think we have all went through that “panic” stage when meeting Caprice that leads to all sort of weird plays, so I hope you can turn the tables on her :slight_smile:

All your examples are great and come really often. I played against Genomics today and I angled my plays like that against The Future Perfect. You can often make them choose between rezzing Komainu or playing Snare! and protecting TFP and you get a lot of agenda steals that way.