Suit Up - Weyland Jnet Practice Group

I am looking to starting digging into Weyland once the new cycle begins. With that In mind I would like to see if there are any other suits out there who wanna meetup and start practicing weyland.

This thread would be used to search for matches, discuss execution of strategy and discuss problem match ups.

@Ulkrond @Seamus


I could help weave a Spiderweb of madness if this is what you seek. I think I’m going to be playing a lot of Blue Sun once the new new comes out, maybe never advancing a govt take

As far as I’m concerned, the new cycle begins next pack with Tithonium.

EDIT: Just realized that Tithonium is a Red Sands card, not Flashpoint. Not sure how I goofed that. Oops. ;-;

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The fact that new good Weyland cards are coming out next pack boggles the mind

Still not sure I’m not Vanilla Skying.

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More like getting hit with the sick stick AMIRITE. That is, if the cards end up being no good. I want to test them NOW

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I don’t know if you wanted to have deck discussion here, but this has been my first attempt at a Slee deck. So far I’m pleasantly surprised with her efficacy.

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I’d certainly be up for it. I’m a long time Weyland player who has taken it to very high levels multiple times.