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Sunday July 27th: A:NR Alpha Wave League Play (Halifax, NS)

Welcome to the new Android: Netrunner League in the Maritimes. This League will be launched in 7 waves (all of which will be on Sundays starting at noon), with each ending in prizes for the upcoming Data Pack in the Lunar Cycle. Alpha and Omega will each have extra prizes. The decklists will be restricted for each event, and will be as follows:

Alpha Wave: Core + What Lies Ahead

Date: Sunday, July 27th

Prize = Datapack: Upstalk, special randomly awarded door prize if at least 8 people show up.

Beta Wave: Core + Genesis Cycle (What Lies Ahead, Trace Amount, Cyber Exodus, A Study in Static, Humanity’s Shadow, Future Proof)

Date: TBA

Prize = Datapack: The Spaces Between

Gamma Wave: Core + Genesis Cycle + Creation & Control

Date: TBA

Prize = Datapack: First Contact

Delta Wave: Core + Genesis Cycle + Creation & Control + Spin Cycle (Opening Moves, Second Thoughts, Mala Tempora, True Colors, Fear and Loathing, Double Time)

Date: TBA

Prize = Datapack: Up and Over

Epsilon Wave: Core + Genesis Cycle + Creation & Control + Spin Cycle + Honor and Profit

Date: TBA

Prize = Datapack: All That Remains

Zeta Wave: Core + Genesis Cycle + Creation & Control + Spin Cycle + Honor and Profit + Lunar Cycle (All currently released decks at the time of the tourney)

Date: TBA

Prize = Datapack: The Source

Omega Wave: Executive-class Double-Elimination special tournament-style Playoffs, using Seeds from your rankings in the season.

Date: TBA

Prize = Deluxe Box (Name hasn’t been announced yet by FFG) and other TBA prizes//Door prizes.

Alpha Wave through Zeta Wave will be run in standard Game Night Kit tournament format, with likely either 3-4 rounds of swiss pending attendance.

As an added bonus, we’re also going to be launching an Achievements program. We will have print outs, and anyone who accomplishes any of our Achievements just needs to have their opponent initial their sheet. This list will be posted for public display shortly, I just need to format it, do a few last tweaks, and have it approved. These Achievements will have a sliding scale of points pending their difficulty or their value. These points, will have a one-to-one translation with the Board Room Game Cafe’s Brownie Point system, and can be accomplished either during tournament play, on the Thursday FFG night at The Board Room Game Cafe, on Sundays at the Board Room Game Cafe during/after/before FFG Events, or at pre-approved match-ups if there is a special demo day/notable community event somehow affiliated in part with either Android : Netrunner or the Board Room Game Cafe (eg. Hal-Con, International TableTop Day).

Placing well or just participating in any of the Waves will also award you a certain amount of Brownie points, so you have all sorts of ways to get these.

Please help promote this league, invite everyone you know who plays Netrunner, or who has thought of picking up a Core Set at one time or another. The Alpha Wave event is accessible to everyone who picked up the Core Box, and by the time the Beta Wave rolls by, there would be ample time to pick up a couple of Data Packs between the two events. This League has the potential to be amazing, and the Board Room Game Cafe has been awesome enough to the Netrunner community to sponsor prizes. Let’s do this in Force.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1490870887820584/1490880261152980/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

Board Room Game Cafe link: http://boardroomgames.ca/

The Board Room Game Cafe has a 5$ admission charge.


Nowhere near you but just had to comment: Wow. What an incredibly awesome thing to do!

Great idea for a format! If I’m ever in Halifax I’ll definitely drop in.