Swedish OCTGN-League

Hey, happy new year from Sweden! We thought that it would be cool to start 2015 with some new organised play in the community over here.

It’s a round-robin style league with match ups every two weeks.
Sign up is open until January 31st and play will begin shortly after.

The league can be found on Challonge: http://challonge.com/SvenskaNetrunnerOCTGN/

For discussions, questions and so on I recommend our facebook group: SvenskaNetrunner | Facebook

This is only intended for swedes, to bring our community closer together. But I’d think it would be cool to see similar things pop up in other regions :wink:

Well… Not to sound rude or anything - it IS a great idea, after all - but it would be nice if there were some cool international leagues as well. Because, as we all know, at least a half, if not the most, of the netrunners are from the Northern America so it’d be very cool if there was something for us Europeans too! I don’t mean I have anything against America, it’s just that the time zone stuff is hard to manage for a lot of people.

There were a few BoardgameGeeks tournaments which divided America and Europe into separate groups and then top 16 with 8 players from both. Maybe we should do something like this on Stimhack?


I plan on announcing a store champs invitational tournament which I plan on running in this same way: two separate swiss tournaments, one or EU and one for NA, and then t8 from both to make t16.

That’s a cool idea… But how would you know all the store champions then?

Not actually sure. I was just going to do it by tournament decklist reporting/honor system. If anyone disputes anyone else I’ll ask for a picture.

Cool, so any SC winner are eligible to entry the tournament for their respective region, which will be a swiss using OCGTN and Challonge (for example), then top 8 moves on from there? Sounds Awesome!

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Ah, okey. Wish you luck with setting it up! :smiley:

I think a greater problem will be reaching out to those champs (like, we don’t even have full top 16 Worlds decklists by now…)

Ill make an announcement soon so that people know it’s going on and are prepared to reach out to me if they want to play. I’ll set up the tournament on challonge so people can sign up at their leisure.

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You can’t get all of them of course. But you know, getting quite a few should be possible and it’s a very interesting format.