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Symbols for hand size and advancement requirement. Re: 'has' vs. 'gets'

I recently read some of the release notes by NISEI in which they explained why NISEI had changed some of the terminology and specifically why NISEI is using the word ‘gets’ instead of ‘has’. I’m not sure that ‘gets’ disambiguates the meaning any more than ‘has’ in everyones’ (immediate) understanding of those terms, but in any case i think using symbols more might be helpful. Specifically, a symbol, or symbols, for ‘maximum hand size’ and ‘advancement requirement’ occurred to me as possibly being helpful (and space saving).

I think a [maximum hand size X symbol] could be put on the Identity cards (with X being a number denoting the identity’s default maximum hand size), and a [maximum hand size symbol] could be used on other cards that refer to maximum hand size along with a +X or -X or =X (i.e. “+1 [maximum hand size symbol]”). For example, the Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design Identity card could have a [maximum hand size 6 symbol] on it instead of the text “You get +1 maximum hand size” (and most other Identity cards could have a [maximum hand size 5 symbol] on them), whereas the Supercorridor Console card could have “+1 [maximum hand size symbol]” in the card text.

Similarly, i think a version of the [advancement requirement symbol] found on Agenda cards could be used on other cards that refer to advancement requirement along with a +X or -X or =X (i.e. “-1 [advancement requirement symbol]”). For example, the SanSan City Grid Region card could have “-1 [advancement requirement symbol] each agenda in the root of this server” in the card text.

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