System Update Rotation

On NSG shop page for the Remastered Edition of System Update 2021, there is this warning:


So now we know they will be printing a new System Update! What cards do you think will be dropped and what cards do you think will be added?

My predictions for the runner side are that we’ll lose Reina Roja, Xanadu, Retrieval Run (since we have Katorga Breakout), Forged Activation Orders, Security Testing (since we have Info Bounty).

For the corp side I could see Corporate Troubleshooter, Lotus Field, Swordsman, License Acquisition and Building a Better World going. I suppose it really depends on what tools are printed in the new sets and how they want to shape the meta.

I could see a brand new set that addresses the concept of what SU21 was trying to do.


Could you elaborate or link to somewhere? I vaguely remember they wanted to make games faster and more fun, but don’t know if that was the intention with SU21. Or was it to compliment the SG cards to make a greater variety of decks possible?

If they start including non-FFG designs in System Update releases, I’m going to be very disappointed. System Update does a great job connecting Netrunner to its FFG history, and I think it would be a mistake to sever that. There are so many interesting cards to look at, which never got their time in the sun, and the proxy policy we have means it’s not necessary to pay scalper prices for FFG cards.


Here’s the link to the page where I took that screenshot. I think the intention behind System Update was to provide a fuller “core-set” experience than what System Gateway alone could offer, to include some staple cards, and fill out the design space NSG had yet to fill with designs of their own.

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It doesn’t seem like they plan to definitively print a new system update with the old system update leaving. They just say in that announcement that the system update 21 will rotate out in the next 1-2 years. It doesn’t make mention that there will be a definitive replacement, they will just notify us of their plans.

Since SU supports both standard and startup formats it will be interesting to see how they mold this support set as the cardpool becomes largely all NSG cards.

I love BABW! * sniff * But honestly, they need to keep some FFG stuff in the game constantly.

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I’d prefer to have something like Blue Sun or Argus in the System Update set - BABW just doesn’t do enough I feel. Money is power. Blue Sun looks fun and janky. Now Argus… * rubs hands gleefully * Looking at the other rotated or soon to be rotated IDs Gagarin is horizontal Earth Station, GRNDL is boring 10 influence means you can’t import much gimmicks to freshen it up. Skorpios appears to be a NPE for the runner, Titan looks really fun, but i think it was banned, Because We Built it is, in the words of Donald Trump: “Sad. Not good.” Outfit probably needs to stay or a bunch of Borealis is stupid. SSO looks janky fun, as does Jemison.

I wonder if they’re considering using a new SU to print some functional errata of NSG cards. There are a lot of cool NSG designs that had to be quickly banned for balance reasons. It would be nice to see some rebalanced versions have their day in the sun.

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While I like the idea of having a set of revisited versions of cards that were over- (or under-performing), so that cool designes are not discarded because of numbers or so, I think SU as a set that is not “actively rotating” might not be the best place for this. To me, this sounds like a great idea in a few rotations, maybe to celebrate all-NSG-standard: ).

I like this idea of revisiting and tweaking cards as well, but I think NSG are already doing that. A lot of the cards in Borealis are tweaked versions of older cards. There’s actually quite a few if you list them. End of the Line (Scorched Earth), Vasilisa (Matrix Analyser), Ivik (Wall of Thorns).

So maybe in a few years we’ll get Persistance, a weaker version of Endurance :rofl: